Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Wish List 7.5

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Can you believe it's already the last day of July? Doesn't every summer seem to go even quicker than the year before? Though I'm sad to see summer soon come to an end, August is my birthday month so I still have a reason to celebrate! I will also be going on my first vacation in over a year so I am counting down the days. Much. Needed.

Kain Dress Dresses that are nice enough I can play up with pretty jewelry and heels or play down with sandals are winners in my book. The dark red color is just icing on the cake. // Pocket Tee Can never have enough tees. This one from Anthropologie is perfectly comfy and slouchy. Not to mention I have my birthday gift from Anthropologie of 15% of everything. Nothing like doing a little shopping for my birthday. // Love That Red lipstick by Revlon. Lately I've been playing around with bright lipsticks. Lipstick hasn't always been my thing but I'm having fun with reds and bright pinks. It really changes your entire look. Mary over at M.A.S. Fashion said this one by Revlon called "Love That Red" is her go-to. // White Skort Spotted all over the blogosphere, this skirt has definitely proved to be incredibly versatile. I've seen it worn with everything from a grey tee and statement necklace to a button up and heels. I like the more casual look and would wear it with a tee and my Converse. // Felicia Flat With fall approaching it's almost time to break out the flats and retire the sandals. I like these neutral cow print ones by Sam Edelman which I would wear with everything. Animal print might be my favorite neutral. 

Tomorrow I have an exciting series starting here on the blog so be sure to check back! It's been in the works for a month or so and I'm so pumped to finally share it with you guys! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Can't Get Enough

I'm having so much fun selecting designs for my apartment makeover. Like it is all I think about, but in a good way. My move is coming up in August and I plan to reveal the finished product in early September once I get everything situated! Get excited. I have always loved interior design ever since I was a kid. I remember looking at the JCPenny big catalog we received in the mail and picking out the items I'd want for my future home, everything from bedding to mailboxes. Over time my love for interior design has only grown, but my style has come a long way from the JCPenny catalog. In fact, just over the past couple months I've noticed my style evolving. Remember in my early blogging days when I was obsessed with pastel pink?  Well, I have come a long ways since my pastel obsession. Style is constantly changing based on your surroundings, your feelings, inspiration. All of which makes the decorating process an ongoing thing. 

My inspiration right now? This. I'm so happy I discovered Emily Henderson and her blog. Pushing limits in design is important and I think she does just that. 

home, design, emily, henderson, living room, inspiration
Emily Henderson's living room

emily henderson, design, interior design, inspiration, west elm

emily henderson, bri emery, living room, tour, inspiration, interior design
Bri Emery's living room, designed by Emily Henderson

bri emery, living room, west elm rug, design, inspiration

bri emery, design love fest, bar cart, design, inspiration, emily henderson

I mean can we just take a second to take in these masterpieces.

Instead of just saying "I like this", I want to point out the details that really make these rooms so perfect.

1. The rug. It's from West Elm and it's used in both spaces. It's texture and neutral color play up the space just enough to make it interesting. I loved it so much I bought my own (cheaper) version of the rug for my apartment. More on that in my apartment reveal :)
2. Midcentury furniture. Notice the coffee table and sofa in each living room. The peg legs are what make it midcentury.
3. Unique use of accessories. One of my favorite accessories in the entire collection are the arrows on the mantel in the second image. The simplicity of taking something that was not initially designed for decoration and making it work is completely cool.
4. Pops of color. Different forms of color are found throughout both living rooms, yet it doesn't feel overdone. The turquoise couch for example. She ties it in completely with wall art, lamps, pillows and the key, a neutral rug. 
5. Personality. I don't know about you, but every time I see a room straight from a catalog I cringe a little. Everyone has their own taste, but a room doesn't feel like yours unless it has pieces that make it yours. Fun accessories and a little mixing with furniture helps create that finished, not too perfect look with your own touch.

Happy Friday!

All images via and via 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Wish List 7.4

Kate Spade Saturday, h&m, watch, summer, denim, dress, clutch, pillow cover

Summer is flying by and it's a little scary to think it's almost over. In almost a week it'll be my birthday and then before you know it school starts up again. Eek. I better cherish the few precious weeks left. With fall quickly approaching, stores are getting rid of their summer gear and breaking out the cozy, fall clothing. The last couple days I've been working on a fall fashion trend guide for a client and I must say there are some goodies for the upcoming season. Plaid print anyone? However, with the recent heat wave I'm still in summer mode. What's the fun in buying fall clothes if you can't wear them yet? 

Shirt Dress Shirt dresses are  flattering and comfortable. Plus the denim makes it super cool.  // Splatter Paint Pillow Cover Isn't this just the cutest? I'm thinking about getting these for my bed, but I wish they were the bigger Euro sham instead. // Tie It Up Top One of Kate Spade Saturday's newest prints and it might be my favorite yet. Many of the tops look a bit short, any general thoughts on how their tops fit? // Zig Zag Watch If you haven't noticed a trend yet, I am mildly obsessed with Kate Spade Saturday. Which explains why 3 items on this week's Wish List are from there. The entire collection is bright and playful and reasonably priced -- what's not to love? I have yet to actually purchase anything yet, so I think I might have to real soon. A sportier version to switch out with my Fossil watch for class. Plus, Molly at A Piece of Toast has a black watch which means I need one too. // Abstract Clutch I'm all about a fun clutch these days. The bright colors and fun print make me happy. 

That's all, folks!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Love or Hate: Crop Tops

This summer girls are flaunting their toned midsections in the popular trend crop tops (should we just call it the Miley?) They're cute and cool for summer, but you definitely wouldn't see me sporting one around. 

However, Devon Rachel covered it perfectly here making them much more wearable. The key to wearing a crop top is pairing it with a high waisted skirt or pants. The point for a crop top isn't to show your entire 6 pack (...or 2 pack), just a small portion. My favorite look is the matching skirt and top set. The tailored skirt and matching top keep the entire look put-togehter. 

This look for me is love, love, love. It's a fun outfit and keeping the skirt or pants hemline below the knee makes it look completely appropriate. Maybe, just maybe, I'd break out a crop top in the striped ensemble above. 

What do you think? Are you a devoted crop top fan? 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Make It {Custom Wall Art}

Art can get pretty spendy, especially when you're trying to decorate an entire apartment or house. I have a few prints of my own, but I want a new piece for my kitchen area. This fun DIY is impossible to mess up and it takes less than hour! Let's get started...

The Supplies:
painting/art - $10, Hobby Lobby
stick-on letters - $3, Hobby Lobby
acrylic paint - $1, Hobby Lobby
paint brush - $1, Hobby Lobby
Total Cost

Visit your local thrift store or rummage through your parents attic for an old piece art. Since you will be painting over the majority of the painting, it doesn't matter how ugly it is. Just as long as it has some color to show through for the letters. 

Step 1// Come up with a saying or phrase
Since I need a piece of art for the kitchen area, I wanted it relevant to eating or drinking. Mojitos are my favorite mixed drink so it makes sense!

Step 2 // Arrange the letters on the painting
To ensure even spacing and proper placement, arrange the letters where you want them on the painting. DO NOT peel the sticky part off the letters until you have the entire sentence laid out. I used 2" letters, but there are smaller options if you go with a smaller painting.

Step 3 // Remove the peel and stick each letter down.

Step 4 // Paint
Squirt some paint on the canvas and brush away! Start with a little paint and go from there. I did 3 coats and let the painting show through a little for a weathered or worn look. You can choose to paint it as opaque or translucent as you wish. 

Coat 1

Coat 2

Coat 3

Step 5 // Peel off the letters
Once it is completely dry, peel off the letters.

This is a great, affordable way to customize the art in your home. Use whatever phrase or color you'd like! I will probably frame mine and hang it above my bar cart. 

Happy Friday, and as always, share pictures of your own creation!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Wish List 7.3

Hello again! I thought last week was hectic but I think this week might have topped that. Moving does that to you, I guess. Monday and Tuesday I made the library my home since we didn't have the Internet set up -- which explains why a blog post didn't go up on Monday. After a minor panic attack since discovering I wouldn't have Internet for a few days, I made the most of the situation and worked on what I could. I did happen to catch some extra zzz's since I wasn't working until the wee hours of the night! No worries though, the Internet is up and running as of today.

Last week I wrote about my obsession for the style of the ladies at A Piece of Toast, and this week I'm bringing that same thought process while curating my wish list: What Would Molly Wear?

Slim-Sleeve Top Sleeveless button ups are all the rage this season and still look work appropriate for summer. // Linen Pineapple Pocket Tee  A plain white pocket tee with a fun twist. I can never have too many, especially when I wear them all the time. No more digging through the laundry for my single white tee. // Knit Tunic Dress Perfectly beachy yet nice enough to wear day to day. // Agate Bookend Spruce up a bookcase or coffee table with these bookends. // Evil Eye Ring I just can't get enough of dainty gold jewelry. Whether it's necklaces, bracelets, rings, I want to pile them on. 

How are you guys? What's on your wish list?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Copy Cat

How cute are they?!

Have you ever browsed a fashion blog and after looking at oodles of fabulous outfits, want to completely change your wardrobe? I do. All the time. I love fashion and putting together outfits myself, but every time I step out on the street or browse Pinterest, my outfits suddenly feel...obsolete. Like it's not as put-togehter, cute, or fashionable as the rest. 

Recently I have been stalking the stylish gals over at A Piece of Toast for outfit inspiration in hopes of ending my lackluster fashion once and for all. Sally and Molly's style can be described as classic, crisp, and effortless. Every outfit they post seems to just get better and better. Seriously, they could make a paper bag look good-- and their legs for miles helps too.

What I love most about these two is how true they are to their own style. Molly wears lots of white and blue. Sally likes to add a pop of color. Some call it boring wearing the same styles over and over...but if it isn't broken don't fix it, right? 

When I'm shopping I have a tendency to pick out pieces that don't necessarily go well with the rest of my closet, which makes pairing outfits difficult. My style can range from super girly to very edgy. Not that you shouldn't change up your style once in a while, I just would like to find a style that I'm happy with day in and day out. Looking at what other people are buying and wearing is a way for me to find particular styles I like and resemble them. That's what inspiration is all about!

After going through pages and pages of outfit inspiration, I've rounded up a few of my favorites. This is what I am striving for on a day to day basis. Now if I just copy the purchases, I'll be set!

*All images via A Piece of Toast 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Wish List 7.2

What a week! I am moving into a new apartment next week (only to move again into my own apartment once school starts up in August. I wouldn't suggest moving twice in one month.) so this entire week has consisted of packing boxes and getting things organized...all while juggling group projects and finishing the last week of my classes while also starting my new internship. All very exciting things so I can't complain! 

If you haven't already visited Social Stylate and read my internship announcement be sure to check it out! 

Rag & Bone Mila Shorts Yes, those are mini motorcycles. Fun prints like this get me every time. // Acrylic Tape Dispenser Who says office accessories can't be chic? Just like a coffee table or shelf, your desk needs styling too. // Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Her entire line of nail polish is full of pretty colors packed with glitter and sequins. // Denim Vest Recently I've been loving denim vests over dresses. It toughens up a super sweet dress and gives a laid-back vibe. // Porcelain Print Dress Blue isn't usually a color that sticks out to me but for some reason this dress really grabbed my attention. I need more pretty pieces that don't take lots of layers to look put together in my closet. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Worth Stealing {Ladder Shelf}


I hope you are all recovering from a fun holiday weekend! I enjoyed the sun a little too much and now I have a nice sunburn I'm doing my best to keep from peeling. Any tips?

Coming up with ideas to furnish a home takes lots of creativity and risk taking when decorating on a budget. A good, sturdy shelf usually costs hundreds of dollars and that's a bit over budget, especially when furnishing my college apartment. A week or so ago I was browsing Pinterest like usual looking for shelving ideas. I need something that is big enough to hold odds and ends and also sturdy enough to stand on its own without leaning against a wall, since I want to use it as a divider in my studio apartment. Most Ikea shelves need to be secured to a wall to prevent tipping.

To the individual that came up with the idea of using a ladder and wooden boards for a shelf I give you major kudos. In fact, I'm slightly mad I didn't come up with the idea myself...

I love the idea of using a ladder that my dad has stuck away in the shed and some boards from Lowe's to create a useful shelf. The overall look is industrial and cool, don't you think? You could even spray paint a metal ladder gold for a less rustic look. The possibilities are endless!




Friday, July 5, 2013

Get to Know: Social Stylate and Ashley Brooke Designs

As a blogger, it's safe to say I spend the majority of my time on the Internet. Whether it's catching up on my daily reads (Which are constantly growing, I think I'm up to 50 blogs on Bloglovin.), searching for blog post content, or just browsing, I stumble across some pretty neat stuff. A week or so ago I fell into the rabbit hole of endless clicking (Does it happen to you?) and discovered Social Stylate, a creative marketing boutique. After browsing their client list and portfolio you'll quickly discover the dynamic duo behind it all are marketing geniuses. Discovering a pot of gold like Social Stylate gets my heart pumping and creative juices flowing. I love connecting with the people behind such creative businesses. They really know how to do it all: web design, social media, writing, branding...

Not only do the ladies at Social Stylate write for clients, but they write their own blog featuring a series called Boss Lady. They interviewed the founder of Lulu & Georgia, which I gushed about last week, and a slew of other talented successful businesswomen. 

After spending a good hour scanning the Social Stylate website and catching up on their Facebook feed, I came across Ashley Brooke Designs.

Ashley Brooke Designs illustrations are gorgeous and cheeky making all of us want our own personalized stationery. Receiving a card by Ashley Brooke is bound to brighten anyone's day. My own love for paper goods brings her sweet designs even closer to my heart. But Ashley doesn't stop at paper. Witty sayings adorn T-shirts and mugs. 

Ashley Brooke Designs customizes invitations and cards for birthday and bridal parties, wedding announcements, and more. What makes her designs so different is she captures your own personality by actually illustrating you, your significant other, and furry friend if you'd like on each card. Such a fresh and unique take on personalization. 

It seems as if Ashley Brooke Designs has mastered the art of paper and illustration. I can't wait to see what new things she will be drawing up next. Imagine personalized baby announcements and family holiday cards with the whole family!

*All images via Ashley Brooke Designs

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday Wish List 7.1

Happy almost Fourth of July! Nothing like a relaxing summer day and an excuse to celebrate with good eats and drinks. I plan on sipping on some tasty drinks later tonight.  How do you plan to celebrate?

Suede Carry All Pouch I've been searching high and low for a leather clutch that doesn't cost a fortune. American Apparel has a huge selection with different sizes and tons of colors to choose from. // Gold Outlaw Bracelet Dainty gold jewelry is always wanted. You can never have too many bracelets to stack. // Print My apartment walls are bare white and since I'm not allowed to paint them, I will be adding bright colors with fun wall art. This print is one of my favorites I've seen yet! Aren't the colors just beautiful? I am trying my best to steer away from having so much pink in one much as I'd like to go crazy and decorate using every shade of pink imaginable, I admit it can be a bit much. If I decide to purchase this print I am making a rule of no more pink allowed... // Collar Necklace I need more statement necklaces in my life. Seriously, they are incredibly versatile. My favorite is pairing them with a graphic tee and torn boyfriend jeans and calling it a day. // Pompom Basket Fun baskets like these are perfect for decorating shelves and hiding little trinkets.

Have a great 4th!

Monday, July 1, 2013

What I Bought in June

Happy July! Usually I do my monthly roundup blog posts on the last day of every month, but yesterday was Sunday and life kind of happened... so here it is one day late. My apologies! With only a week and a half left of classes, I am busy finishing group projects and writing papers along with working on a couple side projects coming up. 

On another note, what do you think of the new purchase history layout? Last month I told you I wanted to find a better way to display my purchases so you guys could actually see what they were and this was my first solution It's a big improvement from draping them on the floor, but I'm still not completely satisfied. 

I can finally reveal my Anthropologie finds I blogged about here

Starting in the top left corner going left to right: Printed tee from Antrhopologie. // Black and white striped tank top from Anthropologie. Now on sale! I have already worn this several times and absolutely love the square neck. It is quite flattering actually. // Navy and white striped v-neck tee from Target by Converse. // Embroidered tank top from a boutique in Omaha. When I walked in the store I saw one of the employees wearing this. I instantly had to have it and luckily found it in the same boutique she was working! // Printed dress. In August I have an upcoming wedding and spotted this at the same Omaha boutique on sale for only $30! Paired with a blazer and some strappy heels and it's the perfect ensemble for a summery wedding. // Printed floral crops from Antrhopologie. // Studded black boots from Target. Aren't these super cool? // Gold hammered hoops from Antrhopologie and Essie nail polish in Haute as Hello.

A couple of days ago I also posted on Instagram my beauty buys for the month so be sure to follow me @amandarisius to check them out! So far I am absolutely loving the concealer and primer. 
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