Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My California Home

I promised a tour of my home here in California, so here it is! I played around with YouTube and thought I could pull off a really cool video of the space without ever working with video before. I failed. Miserably. Those YouTube beauty gurus sure know what they're doing! You guys, it's hard stuff to make a video that isn't blurry and horribly edited and I admire anyone that can do it (tell me your secrets!) I'm so impressed with 14 year olds that have it figured out. So, I saved you from a blurry video and I'm sharing bright, pretty photos instead.

I'm staying with my older sister and her husband here in Oakland for the summer. They're renting an old home with lots of charm and they have the freedom to paint, hang things, and decorate which is a major blessing in the rental world. My sister actually has a degree in interior design and I just love what she's done with the place. The whole house is spacious and the natural light is insane, which is a must in my own home.

Style wise, my sister and I have very similar tastes. We both like white, textures, modern designs with touches of rustic elements. However, I tend to fall heavier on the mid-century modern side than my sister. While I didn't help with any of the decor throughout the house, I thought it was too pretty of a space not to share! Don't you just love it? I'm sleeping in the guest/storage room which is small, but we managed to fit a nice futon and some shelving for my things. I'm still sprucing up the room a bit so I didn't photograph it yet.  

Little Miss Bebe

Meet my favorite furry friends. They are my work buddies and I just love them. It's true, when you have pets, all you want to do is take cute photos. 

Mugsy the Pug

What's your favorite part about the home? Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them regarding product sources and such!

One more thing - Ilana of Sugar and Type featured me on her blog yesterday! She has a series that interviews creatives and I'm so honored to be one of them.  Illana is an insanely talented designer and I'm so glad we "met"! Read the full post and discover my favorite candy and other things over here.


  1. I am in LOVE with your sister's dining room table, where did she get it? It's so rustic and homey at the same time, exactly the type of table I want for my future home!
    thanks for the great post!

    1. It's amazing! She got it from West Elm a year or two ago.

  2. The lighting is amazing! Mugsy is too cute for words :)


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