Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 3.2

It's Wednesday and that means another Wish List coming your way! The past week has been a little crazy around here with some unfortunate events happening and a slightly hectic work week. With the Easter Holiday coming up this weekend,  I have to work longer hours in order to leave early and get home at a decent time. I also have a new hobby I want to (slowly) perfect that I will be working on and can't wait to share with you very soon! Sometimes weekends are not so much a weekend but more of catch-up time for me to get things done I didn't have time to during the workweek. 

Despite the craziness, I managed to come across some amazing items this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

What a chic way to store nail polish, jewelry, or even cotton balls on your bathroom counter. You can get these zebras (or if you prefer: a giraffe, doe, or elephant) from ShopCityGirl on Etsy. Her entire shop is full of dresser goodies.

Super cute packaging and I love all three nail colors. This never happens in a set of anything. Not even the Naked Palette. 

Buy one pair of shoes, get the other pair HALF off! Can't beat it. 
Nine West

Okay, I need your help on this one. I am in the search for a new fragrance. Currently I wear DKNY Be Delicious the original. It is very fresh with a little floral - perfect for summer days, and I like that. However, I want a fragrance that is more for night time. You know, something along the lines of sexy LBD. I have gotten a few samples at Sephora to try (Chanel Chance, Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia) which smell pretty, but I don't think it's exactly what I'm looking for. 

I smelled this one in a magazine and liked it (from what I could tell.)  Do you have any other recommendations?
Coco Mademoiselle

Monday, March 25, 2013

Workshop {Florals}: Lesson Two

If you missed my first post in the Floral Workshop be sure to check it out here. One of my favorite bloggers at House of Earnest is doing a Beginner Blooms series where she demonstrates how to do floral arrangements, starting small and making her way up towards more involved tutorials.

Since I want to learn how to make my own beautiful bouquets, I am following along and posting my creations here! 

Lesson Two: Lilies

I am really enjoying these tutorials and learning the different tricks along the way as I play with it. I had to trim the stem lengths a couple times until I got the perfect length so the blooms didn't fall towards the sides creating a gap in the center. Notice the bare trees and snow in the background. It was snowing while I was working on the arrangement. Flowers are the only thing making it actually feel like Spring around here! 

I'd love to hear how your creation goes! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Right on the corner on my way to work is an antique mall. I drive by it every day and I always see a handful of cars parked outside. I am not one to hunt down antiques and collect them, but I am willing to look every once.

After months of just driving by, I decided to finally stop in today and check it out. The place is chock FULL of stuff. It is a big warehouse building and there is just enough room in the isles to walk. The rest of the place is piled high with furniture, dinnerware, frames, etc. You name it, they probably have it. 

Initially I went in there looking for some pretty home accessories, a storage  box of some sort for jewelry, and maybe score a good deal on a desk to renovate. 

I walked up and down the aisles for about an hour and here are a few of the things I spotted...

Isn't the mint ceramic just gorgeous? Even the box is just as pretty! The trouble with buying something like this is I don't have somewhere to display it right now since I am not staying in my own apartment during the internship. Packing and moving with breakable items is not fun. I thought about buying the single white ceramic with a lid to store bracelets but for some reason passed it up.
I love this pink chair with the fancy detailing. Spruce it up with some white paint and it would be good to go as my pretty desk chair. I checked the price tag and they were asking nearly $400! it just me or is that a bit much for an antique chair that isn't designer?

Yep, that's an old KitchenAid mixer.

Now none of the above I actually purchased, but I did walk out with one good find -- although no antique at all. Recently I've seen acrylic boxes used as a display for jewelry on top of a dresser. When I saw this I thought it would work well to store bracelets since it is clear, so I can see all of my pretties :) 

It even has dividers to keep things organized. 

Have a great weekend and see you Monday with another floral workshop!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 3.1

Happy Spring! Today is the first official day of Spring and I couldn't be more excited. There is something about a little warm(er) weather and sunshine that instantly makes me happy. It's weird to think that something like weather influences our moods...

 With the season change comes a new wardrobe. As much as I dislike cold Winters and bad road conditions due to snow, the transition from Winter to Spring clothing is thrilling. Ditching the sweaters for pretty blouses in pastel colors and showing off a new pedi in a pair of gladiators brings me excitement. I have to think that I wouldn't be near as excited to break out my Spring gear had it not been such a harsh winter. All of you out there that don't experience 4 distinct seasons -- is there a big transition in your wardrobe from season to season?

Here are some of my favorite finds from around the web this week. Can you tell there is a definite sense of Spring in some of the items? 


Victoria's Secret

The perfect monogrammed mug. I'm picturing myself drinking my morning green tea with honey while checking my daily e-mails...

A vanity that looks like this.
Vanity Makeover

Enjoy the rest of your week friends! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Miracle in a Jar

A month or so ago I was in Sephora and the cashier told me I had enough reward points to get one of the free gifts. Without even knowing what the free gifts were, I decided what the heck, I'd give one a shot. I didn't have something specific I was saving my reward points for anyway. The cashier briefly explained the products and I went with the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster. It is a daily serum that helps brighten the skin's appearance.

That night I applied it all over my face. I was impressed with how fast it absorbed for an oil. In the morning when I woke up my skin instantly looked brighter and more even! This never happens overnight. 

I used it for a few more days at night, and occasionally in the morning as well. This stuff is amazing! It doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky, and when I apply makeup in the morning it goes on much smoother and natural looking. 

I looked up some reviews online for the product to see if I was the only one having these results...I don't think I saw one bad review! Review after review raved about the Truth Serum and how it improved their skin. I don't think I have seen a product that is this great. I hadn't even heard of Ole Henriksen before!

Since I only have a sample size, I thought I should check out the rest of the goodness offered before my mini bottle runs out. I looked at every other product on the website and every one had positive reviews.  After some major browsing on the Ole Henriksen and Sephora websites, I decided I would get the Sheer Transformation to use as my night cream. 

A few days later I headed back to Sephora to pick up the Sheer Transformation. With further examination (I was standing in Sephora examining the entire Ole Henriksen line for a good twenty minutes), I ended up walking out with the Invigorating Night Gel. 

Let me tell you, I am very pleased (shocking!) I use it every night and it feels amazing on my skin; not too heavy not too light. It's actually created to help even skin tone and improve its texture while reducing acne. Since it is not a moisturizer it is important to follow up with a moisturizer. 

After using the Invigorating Night Gel for about a month now, I have seen several improvements:

My skin feels much healthier. It is not too dry and looks much more even. My foundation glides on and looks so smooth and even on my skin. My skin texture has improved tremendously.  There are no bumps, and pimples are appearing less and less. Every morning I wake up and my skin feels firmer and in better condition than the night before. 

Are you convinced yet?! I promise, I'm not getting paid for this. It has been a while since I have been this impressed with a skin care product. I don't think you can go wrong with any product in the Ole Henriksen line. 

Do you have any miracle skin care products you're using? 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 3.0

About a month ago I did a Wednesday's Wish List blog post you can see here, so my goal is to do one every Wednesday from now on. I always find that the most interesting reads for me are the ones that bloggers share personal items they want, love, hate, etc...Pretty much I am nosey and like to see what others are buying! (Who's with me?) So why not create a post with a fun mix of things I'm loving found from around the web every Wednesday as a pick me up during the week? 

It's now March which means Spring is almost here. Finally!  I have actually never actually owned a khaki trench coat before (I don't know how I have managed without one all of these years!) Investing in a good fitting classic piece like a trench coat is so worth it. You will wear it for years and it is versatile enough to literally wear with anything. After many weeks of searching for the perfect trench coat, I finally came across this one yesterday. The color is just right (it's not the light "stone" color), it has a feminine A-line wait, and the buckles add a little edge. It is even on sale! I'll be ordering this tonight...

Since starting my internship I have not been living in my own apartment. I don't have my desk, dresser, pretty decorations, or anything girly here for that matter. I want my own work space  I love the West Elm Parsons Desk you see in almost every blogger's home, but not the $349 price tag. I found this cheaper alternative at Overstock that is similar for only $150.
Student White Desk

I have come across some really great prints recently on Etsy and Instagram. This pink bow is just darling. 

To personalize my workspace:

The perfect slouchy tee. I am making a point to finally buy a nice tee when I find one. I've heard multiple bloggers talking about the quality and durability of these.
Long Sleeve Boat Neck Tee

White jeans are everywhere come Spring. I like the boot cut leg for myself. They are more flattering than a skinny jean on those of us that were not blessed with stick legs, especially when wearing such a light (and unforgiving) wash. My search begins now for a better deal on a pair of these!
MiH Jeans Kick Flare

Guys, isn't this just the cutest outfit?! It doesn't get much better than that. I about died when I saw the combo: lace skirt paired with a cashmere sweater. Why don't I ever think of something like that? Sadly, you won't be finding this stuff in my closet any time soon...So here it is, just for fun :)

What's on your shopping list for Spring? Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Workshop: {Florals}

Flowers can make a room feel instantly prettier and more put together. There is something special about a hint of color and freshness in the air. Since I started blogging, I have a new appreciation (and love) for natural elements, like flowers, in a room. One of my favorite blogs I follow (mentioned in my previous post here) is by an event planner/designer. Rhiannon creates beautiful floral arrangements of all sorts and they always have the prettiest flowers and colors with perfect little bows and ribbons. Every day I look on Instagram to see what new creation she's been working on! I never was one to create my own floral arrangements before, but I can't help but ooo and awe over the flowers in Rhiannon's home. 

When I saw that Erin at House of Earnest was going to do a series of blog posts on Beginner Blooms, demonstrating how to make an arrangement, starting simple and working up I thought it would be fun to create them along with her and learn how to create my own bouquet for my home. The first post she did uses branches and a vase. I think I can handle that :) Refer to Erin's blog post here for the steps. 

Here is my version:

I got my vase from Hobby Lobby. They have a lot of different affordable options. Keep in mind the vase is like shoes for an outfit -- it can make or break it. It's important to have the right size depending on the arrangement your doing. I cut the branches right from a tree in our yard.  And that's it! This is the first post  in the series so it was real simple and did not require a lot of different materials. I am looking forward to more :) 

Post pictures in the comments if you decide to try and create one for yourself! Happy Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Reads

The blogging world can be a bit overwhelming at times. Almost every website, designer, writer, creator, boutique (I think you get the idea...) has a blog. With blogs about anything and everything imaginable, you are bound to find at least 3 -- or 30 blogs you love. For me, I love reading blogs because I discover so many new things just by reading. It not only introduces me to my new favorite earrings, clothing designer, or DIY project ideas, but there are so many bloggers I can relate to as well! It's is kind of a fun way to "meet" new people. 

Now that I have created my own blog, I find my time to be a little more precious than before. I am no longer busy just reading blogs and searching online for new ones, but I also have to plan and write blog posts myself! Managing the few hours I have in the evening each day when I get home from my internship has been a learning process. Between balancing my time on the computer browsing and reading blogs, to writing my own blog posts, and including a little relaxation with my boyfriend in there somewhere -the 4 hours at home sure go fast! I have started making better use of my time and plan my schedule out ahead of time so when I come home at 5pm, I am productive and check everything off my To-Do List. Perfect!

One lifesaver that has helped me stay organized and on top of my reading lists is Bloglovin. It is a handy little website that saves all of your favorite blogs in one place so you don't have to memorize or bookmark each individual blog. It keeps track of each post you read and notifies you everyday with an e-mail of your daily reads so you never miss a single post! If you find a new blog you want to follow, simply add it to your Bloglovin list. It is now possible to refer back to a blog post a few weeks old and find those cute flats you forgot about! 

Here is the (long) list of blogs I love and follow:

MakeupByTiffanyD - She is actually a YouTube make up guru who I was introduced to by my friend a couple years ago :) 
A Piece of Toast
Hey Gorgeous Events
Apartment 34
Devon Rachel
House of Earnest
Sequins and Stripes - Thanks to my sister!
Studio ten 25
The Daybook
The Everygirl
The Glitter Guide

Today's featured post on The Glitter Guide: Samantha Willis makes all of the jewelry herself

There are more blogs and I'm always adding to the list, but these are my favorites. Enjoy!

What are a few of your favorite blogs?

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