Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Workshop: {Florals}

Flowers can make a room feel instantly prettier and more put together. There is something special about a hint of color and freshness in the air. Since I started blogging, I have a new appreciation (and love) for natural elements, like flowers, in a room. One of my favorite blogs I follow (mentioned in my previous post here) is by an event planner/designer. Rhiannon creates beautiful floral arrangements of all sorts and they always have the prettiest flowers and colors with perfect little bows and ribbons. Every day I look on Instagram to see what new creation she's been working on! I never was one to create my own floral arrangements before, but I can't help but ooo and awe over the flowers in Rhiannon's home. 

When I saw that Erin at House of Earnest was going to do a series of blog posts on Beginner Blooms, demonstrating how to make an arrangement, starting simple and working up I thought it would be fun to create them along with her and learn how to create my own bouquet for my home. The first post she did uses branches and a vase. I think I can handle that :) Refer to Erin's blog post here for the steps. 

Here is my version:

I got my vase from Hobby Lobby. They have a lot of different affordable options. Keep in mind the vase is like shoes for an outfit -- it can make or break it. It's important to have the right size depending on the arrangement your doing. I cut the branches right from a tree in our yard.  And that's it! This is the first post  in the series so it was real simple and did not require a lot of different materials. I am looking forward to more :) 

Post pictures in the comments if you decide to try and create one for yourself! Happy Sunday everyone!

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