Friday, June 28, 2013

Crushing on: Lulu & Georgia

Ever since discovering the lovely rug and home decor brand, Lulu & Georgia, I am having major rug envy. Big time. There isn't one beautifully designed rug from their website that I wouldn't want in my home. They make a room pop and help create a focal point.  Lulu & Georgia quickly became one of my favorite home shops and I am constantly going back to their website. After some serious time spent just browsing their website, I found that not only do they have fabulous rugs but their home accessories and furniture are equally as cool.

As I mentioned before, I am moving into a studio apartment and have been working on redecorating  the entire place, all before actually moving in. I've come up with a color scheme, layout, the majority of the furniture selections and accessories. You can follow me on Pinterest and see where I'm getting my inspiration!

After finding so many great pieces at Lulu & Georgia, I decided to come up with my own board of inspiration for my living room with all of my favorites. These things need to make their way into my home, starting with the rug!

Rug // Ruby pillow // Fur pillow // Side table // Chair // Wood table // Mirror // Print // Lamp

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 6.4

You might have noticed the blog got a little facelift this morning and I am thrilled with the results! The layout and organization  was a bit of a mess before so I am happy to have things in good order thanks to Carrie Loves Design! She was great to work with and super speedy at implementing it! I placed my order last night and it was set to go this morning. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new blog design so leave your comments.

It's funny how your peers totally influence what you currently wear/want.  Have you noticed that? Now that I've been working at ULTA and chatting with the girls (and Bare Minerals boy) about products, I can't help but want to try all of their favorites myself. I have my own skincare and makeup routine but after talking about primers and foundations all day I get the urge to want to try new products, new brands. The Napoleon Auto Pilot Primer is one of them. Currently I'm not using a daily primer but after our conversation and learning the effects this one has on calming the skin and making your foundation stay wayyy longer, I think I might have to give it a shot, even if it means adding one more step.

Concealer can be tricky. Finding the perfect one that won't crease or look cakey is quite a fete. Just wait until you see the Fakeup Concealer by Benefit. The actual concealer part is surrounded by a moisturizer. I can't wait to give it a try!

This Hatteras Bracelet is handmade by the duo at Anna Croswell. Isn't that stone just gorgeous? 

A different take on the standard maxi skirt. Moon Rise Stripe Maxi Skirt

Can you believe I don't have a chambray shirt yet? Slightly embarrassing. For years I've been meaning to purchase one but I've found that the right shade of denim and soft feel is hard to come by. I like the small print on this one. Geo Chambray Shirt

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beauty Scoop {Eyebrows}

In medium brown

Anytime I discover a new, good product, I can't wait to share it with you guys. After using the Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse once, it was no exception.

 First, I should inform you that I have very light brows. They are a blonde-ish color and hardly noticeable. I kind of just ignored them and figured they were supposed to be that light. If I was feeling spontaneous, I would fill them in a little with a pencil. My friend and fellow blogger, Carrie, has mastered the art of good brows and I always envied her perfectly shaped arches. With my light eyebrows I figured it just wasn't in the books for me. 

Last week I asked one of the girls at work what she used on her eyebrows and she said she swears by Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse. Since she is considered "the brow girl" at work, I trusted her decision and she went ahead and tested it out on me (because that's what we do at ULTA.) Magic happened. I had brows! You could actually see the shape of my eyebrows and the product still looked natural and not too thick. 

Naturally,  I bought the product that day. It even comes with it's own brush which is super convenient and easy to apply. Beware, a little goes a long way. I am loving the product and it's incredibly long wearing. You won't find any unpleasant smudging going on. 

Well groomed brows work wonders -- they frame your face and pull everything together for a sophisticated look. Often times they are left neglected, which is a big mistake! I am so happy I finally found a good product that works. 

What are  your favorite brow products? Do you have any eyebrow horror stories (shaved eyebrow, plucked too thin...?)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Make It {Safari Canisters}

Happy Friday! This past week I did an easy DIY project I had been wanting to do for a while. I really want to go all out on my new apartment and make it as cute and complete as possible. All while managing a low budget. So I have dreamed up a few projects (plus my couch makeover which I am still working on!) to help accessorize my place and make it feel like home.

Without further ado...

What you need:

  • $5 - Canisters with lids   I got mine half off for a total of $5 for all three at Hobby Lobby.
  • $6 - Animals  Make sure they fit the smallest lid size. I went with a safari theme, but you can do deer, moose, or whatever you like. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.
  • $5 - Super glue
  • $6 - Gold spray paint
Total Cost = $21

Plus the spray paint and glue have many more uses left!

Step 1:
Put a drop of glue on the bottom of each foot of the animals and place them on the lid. Make sure they are centered. Press and hold to make sure it's secure. I let mine dry for a full 24 hours before I spray painted.

Step 2:
Find a clear workspace (preferably outside) and lay down some newspaper or cardboard to protect the area. Spray paint your 3 animals. Make sure you coat the entire item from all angles. Wait about 5 minutes or until the paint is dry and spray it again. Once the paint is dry, flip over the animals and look at for any areas that might not be fully coated. Spray any areas that need it. Let dry.

Coat one

 That's it! The project is so simple and affordable and the overall look is fun and glam. It turns a boring canister into a fun new item for your vanity or shelf! Adds some character don't you think? Creating your own accessories for your home is often much cheaper than buying something similar and you can add your own touch! What DIY projects have you made for your home?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 6.3

If I had to choose one store that I had to shop at for the rest of my life it would definitely be Anthropologie. Their beautifully designed and always unique pieces give any wardrobe interest. I like to call them statement pieces. Full of bright colors and unique prints. Great items to build an entire outfit around that you can guarantee no one else will have when walking down the street. Their swimsuit collection alone is a stunner. As a kid I remember getting the catalogs and flipping through, pointing everything out I wanted. Little has changed.

This past weekend I went to Anthropologie and every time I"m like a kid in a candy shop. Even every inch of the store layout is perfectly decorated with window displays of wooden crates and flowers. Since the price point is a bit spendy, I usually head straight to the sale section. Which isn't all that bad because they have an awesome assortment. 

I gathered an armload of stuff and checked out the rest of the store. Seriously, have you taken a glimpse at their home decor? Pretty dishes, towels, bedding, oh my! I might as well deck out my entire house in Anthropologie. You can view the goods I got in my June recap blog post at the end of the month featuring my monthly buys :)

Today Anthropologie announced their big sale with up to 50% off items! The selection is bigger than ever --and a top I picked up last week is now on sale. Grrrr....

For this week's Wednesday's Wish List I decided to choose my favorites from the Anthropologie sale selection. I would easily wear just about everything in the entire store, but sine I can't feature the entire website, I chose my absolute favorites.

Want an easier way to know when your favorite brands go on sale? Hukkster is a convenient app that lets you add specific items to your list and once they go on sale you will be notified by e-mail! Perfect.

My picks from L to R:
Tonal Knit Blazer

Ginger Gold Blouse

Time Lapse Tee

Melati Romper

Oxford Peep Toe Wedges

Monday, June 17, 2013

One Important Word

Graduation is supposed to be a celebration. You survived 4 years of college lectures with professors that are often hard to understand, assignments that seemed to go on forever, and tests you studied hours for in hopes it will all pay off. What an accomplishment! You should feel proud. However, reality can quickly hit after graduation. College is like its own little world. You get comfortable in your habits and are shut off from the rest of the world's schedule. That nice little Spring Break you see every year in March does not happen after graduation, nor will your boss give you a whole month off for a winter break just because you need it. 

But life goes on. I know, graduation isn't around the corner and typically occurs in December or May. I still have 2 semester left myself, but I am doing all I can this precious last year to prepare for the future so when it comes time to landing my first job, I will be fully equipped and ready to take on the world. Or something like that. 

When preparing for anything, research is always key. I am constantly researching new things. Whether it's career or blog related, I always learn something new and find something more I should be doing to better myself. As my high school social studies teacher said, "Preparation is the key to success." The more we are prepared the better chances of avoiding the dreaded post-college syndrome.

During one of my research escapades, I came across an interesting word: portfolio. I know design majors put all of their work in a professional portfolio for employees to look at,  but it never occurred to me that maybe I should have one even without a design major. I typed "marketing student portfolio" in Google and sure enough, I found loads of information explaining why you need one, what should be included, etc. 

Without much convincing, I am now in the process of creating my portfolio. Maybe I was just naive and the rest of the world already knew a portfolio was a must?  Whatever the case, resumes are no longer sufficient when your competing against the best competition for one job opening. 

I'm you have a portfolio? Do you have a favorite resource when creating your portfolio? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Image via Pinterest

Friday, June 14, 2013


Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to a weekend of sun and college baseball. My sister is coming to visit and we're venturing out to the College World Series in Omaha. I hear it is always a good time so I'm looking forward to it! Aside from that, Father's Day is also this weekend. I decided to make my own Father's Day card this year. Personalized cards are always better than the cheesy ones you buy from Target, and I like that I can add my own, fitting sayings.

I chose to print my card on a kraft 5x7 notecard. Natural kraft adds a nice rustic touch, perfect for my Dad the farmer. After waiting 45 minutes I finally got it printed at Office Max. There's always a problem with fitting the card size to the printer. If anyone has good printer recommendations send them my way! I'm still looking to find a reliable, consistent printer. 

What do you think? It's simple but that's what I like best about it. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 6.2

Summer is almost half over so I hope you are enjoying it! Crazy, huh? I have not enjoyed the weather as much as I'd like to so that is slightly disappointing. Lately the sky is filled with clouds and rain so there have been few opportunities. Today, the sun decided to bless us with its presence so I am soaking it in as we speak (or type, whichever you prefer).

Essie Colors // I go in streaks when it comes to painting my nails. Sometimes I want perfectly manicured nails with fun colors and other times the sound of painting my nails every few days (chipped nails aren't so hot) turns me off. For some reason spending the half hour painting my nails sounds tortuous. If I only had to do it, say once a week, I feel like I wouldn't dread it as much. I've been experimenting with products lately to help prolong the paint wear and once I perfect it, I will let you know :) Have you ever checked out all of the Essie colors available on their website? Holy moly. Denim Dress // There is something about the summer heat that makes throwing on a dress sound soo nice. I like the relaxed look of this one that makes it appropriate for errands. Throw on your Converse and head out the door. Calendar // 2014 may seem like months away and to be honest, it can stay far away. But this colorful little calendar is the perfect daily dose of happiness. It even has templates on the back to use the old months as cards or gift boxes. With this calendar 2014 is pretty much guaranteed a success. Yasmin Dress // If this dress doesn't scream summer I don't know what does. Comfy and back cutout perfection. Yes, please. Alterna Texture Mist // My hair is naturally wavy --not the air-dry-and-go wavy that looks cute without effort. Spending time straightening it in the morning only to have the lovely Iowa humidity bring out the wave is useless. I'm hoping a texture spray will give my hair the control it needs. Do you have a favorite beachy waves spray I should try?

Enjoy the rest of your week, friends and thank you for reading!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Worth Stealing {Wallpaper}

Some of you are probably shaking your head in disgust at the computer screen with the thought of even mentioning wallpaper, let alone suggesting it. Thought wallpaper was a thing of the past and had no chance of a comeback? Like any trend that comes and goes, it returns with a slight twist. These are not your everyday small floral prints that you remember growing up. Now I'm not saying you should go wallpaper your entire house, but a little wallpaper can spruce up a room if you're looking for major change. 

Window treatments pull a whole room together and are an easy way to bring in fun prints and colors. Wallpaper is just another way to bring interest to a room and make it feel complete. Imagine what the bathroom above would look like without the wallpaper. It would have no visual interest and I definitely wouldn't be showing it to you guys as inspiration.

I'm sure you all have your opinions on it so I'd love to hear them! 

Left: Anthropologie Right: Bloom Papers
 Wallpaper doesn't have to mean wild prints. I love the old painted wood wallpaper from Anthropologie. It has a worn effect that is perfect for a rustic look, which we all know I love :) 

Which one is your favorite?

Friday, June 7, 2013


It's about that time again. Hair time that is. Every 3 months I try and get my hair trimmed and my hair colored every 4-5 months. If I could get my hair cut and colored every month I totally would. There are so many different styles I'd like to try, but my hair doesn't grow that fast and color is very damaging. So, I stick to a less frequent schedule (probably for the better.)

A quick search on Pinterest brings up oodles of haircuts and highlights. This is where I usually go for hair inspiration. My favorite searches are "carmel highlights" and "chin length hair."

This time around I'm sticking with a trim. Since my hair is already above my shoulders there isn't a whole lot I can do different, but a trim really freshens up the look. The pictures above look short, right? In February I took the plunge and chopped my shoulder length hair to about chin length (similar to the photos above). My friends were even nervous for me! My stylist is great and everyone loved the results! Actually it is my favorite hairstyle yet. Looking back on old photos of when I had long hair just makes me cringe. It definitely wasn't for me. 

I've had auburn, blonde, dark (almost black) hair and everything in between. Not proud. None of them lasted too long and probably none of them should have even been attempted. Although, blonde hair was fun for while. I'm sticking to my roots this time and asking for carmel highlights to brighten things up for summer. I can't wait! Going to the salon is always a fun, relaxing experience.

What's your hair maintenance routine like? Where do you find your inspiration? 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 6.1

Sunburst Eyelet Shorts // Right now I have only a couple pairs of shorts. Some white ones, black ones, couple pairs of jeans shorts and one floral print pair. This summer I wanted to make it a point to get fun, printed shorts and so far, I've failed. 

Scallop Hem Shorts // Leaf prints are one of my favorite trends this summer. Throw on a black tank, strappy sandals, and some dainty gold jewelry and call it an outfit. Pieces that don't take lots of layers or accessories to look put-together are what summer is all about. 

J.Crew Stripe Sleeveless Top // I'm continually drawn to black and white stripes. Whether it's pants, shorts, maxi dresses...It's almost impossible to go wrong with something so classic and versatile. By the way J.Crew is having yet another sale!

Eames Inspired Chair // I'm having a major moment with Eames. Since I won't be spending $400 on a chair anytime soon, it's going to have to be a replica. I found these on Amazon sold for one fourth of the designer price. 

My Greek Island Home  // Something about the turquoise waters and stark white structures of  Greece really take my breathe away. I've always had a love for the beautiful country so when I came across this book and saw the pictures inside I instantly wanted it. Some pages might even be worth framing. Hello, gallery wall. Image via.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday friends!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Worth Stealing {Gallery Wall}


Top: via
Bottom: via

Hello again! Home tours around the blogosphere lately have seen a common feature amongst most of them: gallery walls. Getting a peek inside someone's home is always interesting (who doesn't like seeing behind the scenes of successful bloggers/businesswomen?) and they are one of my favorite types of posts because it sparks loads of inspiration. There are so many creative styling ideas hiding behind closed doors.

Though gallery walls are nothing new, the images being framed are anything but ordinary. Everyone puts their own twist on gallery walls and I think that's what makes them so special and unique. 

My favorite technique is using a gallery wall to hide a TV. You search high and low for the perfect curtains, paint color, couch, shelf accessories, etc. and complete the perfect shabby chic (or whatever your design style) home you've been going for. A huge TV in the living room is anything but shabby chic and is definitely not the focal point you've worked so hard for. Camouflaging the TV in the midst of framed art is an easy fix for that eye sore. Genius, right? I am dying to try this in my new apartment come August, but the wall is lined with windows, so I'll have to see what I can come up with. Don't worry, you will get a glimpse of every last detail once I get settled!

Another technique I like is framing a vintage map. It adds color and is such a unique piece. I've looked on Etsy hoping I'll get lucky and find one just as cool as the one in this home tour. The search is on. 

A gallery wall doesn't mean you have to spend tons of money to get good art. It's all about finding what you like. Framing a pretty card you received in the mail from a friend or a page torn out of the J.Crew catalog works great. The more varied the art and frames, the better. 

I'm keeping my eyes open for pretty prints and things to frame for my gallery wall. What do you think? What touch would you add to your gallery wall to make it your own?
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