Friday, June 28, 2013

Crushing on: Lulu & Georgia

Ever since discovering the lovely rug and home decor brand, Lulu & Georgia, I am having major rug envy. Big time. There isn't one beautifully designed rug from their website that I wouldn't want in my home. They make a room pop and help create a focal point.  Lulu & Georgia quickly became one of my favorite home shops and I am constantly going back to their website. After some serious time spent just browsing their website, I found that not only do they have fabulous rugs but their home accessories and furniture are equally as cool.

As I mentioned before, I am moving into a studio apartment and have been working on redecorating  the entire place, all before actually moving in. I've come up with a color scheme, layout, the majority of the furniture selections and accessories. You can follow me on Pinterest and see where I'm getting my inspiration!

After finding so many great pieces at Lulu & Georgia, I decided to come up with my own board of inspiration for my living room with all of my favorites. These things need to make their way into my home, starting with the rug!

Rug // Ruby pillow // Fur pillow // Side table // Chair // Wood table // Mirror // Print // Lamp

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