Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Worth Stealing: Marquee Signs

marquee sign, marquee lights, hammer and heels, diy marquee sign, diy marquee

marquee sign, marquee lights, hammer and heels, diy marquee sign, diy marquee, state marquee

marquee sign, marquee lights, hammer and heels, diy marquee sign, diy marquee

Today's post is one of my favorite "worth stealing" posts (By the way, do you prefer the weekly series posts like, worth stealing, or would you rather have random posts without series? Random yes, but I'm curious and suddenly felt like I was limiting myself after typing the first sentence!) Out of all the clever decor ideas I've blogged about, like using a step ladder as a shelf or clipboard gallery wall, marquee signs are pretty high up in there in wow factor. Maybe it's just me, but I love how marquee signs look a little industrial with exposed lightbulbs and metals sheets. Yet they are fun and you can find them in almost any word, shape, or symbol imaginable.

I've noticed during the holiday season even more marquee signs for sale, but I think they're fun all year round. If you've shopped for marquee signs before, you know they are a little spendy. Not Louis Vuitton expensive but expensive enough for this college student with a part-time job. So I did what any person does when looking for inspiration, search Pinterest for a DIY version. Apparently I wasn't the only one with the bright idea of creating a DIY marquee sign. There were pins upon pins of DIY examples. Some weren't so great (used cardboard) and some were pretty intense (required a saw). I'm hoping to find something somewhere in the middle.

 During my Pinterest search I came across the brilliant idea of making the sign in the shape of your home state. I loved this example where they used mismatched wood scraps and metal and placed the lightbulbs in the location of their favorite cities. Cute right?

Have you made a marquee sign before? I'm still looking for an easy-ish version.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jessica Russell Flint

Hello again! It has been a while, hasn't it? The past few weeks have been a bit crazy with the holidays coming up and the end of the semester nearing. Our professors conveniently schedule group projects and presentations due right after we come back from Thanksgiving break, so we're scrambling to have most everything done before our break starts next week. Not complaining though because that means we only have 3 weeks left of the entire semester once we come back from break! It's getting real. Graduation that is.

 Besides school, I am also brainstorming/working on some projects ideas that I can't share with you just yet, but in the next month or two hopefully. Remember the apartment tour I was supposed to do like 2 months ago on here? Well, I am making it up to you and I think you will be pleasantly surprised :) That's my clue.

With all of the back and fourth from class, group projects and assignments and then to personal projects it's hard to get my brain to focus on blogging and come up with creative posts. My brain is dead at the end of the day so all hopes of any creative juices flowing are gone. And I don't want to bore you with any old blog post.

A few days back I was reading some articles online and came across the work of illustrator, Jessica Russell Flint. Recently I've looked into illustration as I'm using it in one of my upcoming projects so I've research it and noticed it more around the web. I instantly loved the use of color and texture Jessica uses, but you can't deny the uniqueness in each piece. A little quirky and unusual, she totally defines her own style and doesn't set boundaries. I'm completely obsessed with her manifesto and her work, especially the box of cards, cushions, and makeup bags. Can you image some fantastic wallpaper adorned in the wildly colorful  illustrations? So good.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Worth Stealing: Clipboard Wall

We all know I love a good gallery wall. So of course I instantly loved this take on it- the clipboard wall. It's genius, actually. Instead of keeping papers, fabric samples, notes, and receipts on our already crowded desk, make art. When life gives you lemons make lemonade, right?

The possibilities are endless. You can make a wall for the office with weekly announcements and dates to remember or hang inspiring quotes. My favorite is the DIY clipboard version by Design*Sponge. All you do is pick up some pre-cut acrylic sheets, clips, and some hooks to hang them from. Acrylic sheets come in all sorts of colors so get creative :)


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recreate a Vintage Living Room

A recreation of Emily Henderson's vintage living room

The Inspiration \\ Emily Henderson

I hope you're staying warm on this chilly Iowa day! Today was actually the first day I broke out the winter coat this season. Sally informed us we have only 7 weeks left until Christmas. Isn't that insane?! As a kid that felt like an eternity but geez, that doesn't sound like very much time to do shopping.

As my design style has evolved and grown over the months, I find myself drawn to vintage decor with a past. Everything is unique and one of kind which makes it all the more exciting when you discover something really good. However, when you find an amazing piece, chances are you won't find another just like it.

Emily is known for trolling Craigslist and flea market finds. Somehow she manages to score some of the coolest stuff and use it in all of her clients' homes. Truthfully, I don't know how she doesn't keep it all for herself :) Emily then reveals a fantastic room she designed (like this) and goes through all the work telling us where she purchased each piece in every room. Unless it's vintage. Which, like I said earlier, is pretty dang often. No source. Womp womp.

So, just for the fun of it, I recreated one of Emily's rooms so you can get the look yourself.

Of course, accessories make a personalized room and should always be added. You should do your fair share of antiquing for pieces that speak to you for an equally quirky and layered room. That's the fun part with accessories. You can play with it and make the space your own. I mean, besides Emily, who wants a dalmatian in their living room?

Sofa // Rug // Side Table // Chair // Chest // Bear Print // Lamp // Leather Pouf // Pink Pillow // Bolster

Monday, November 4, 2013

What I Bought in October

What I bought this month: Target leopard flats a baseball cap and a gold belt on a hammer and heels

I had such a great time this past weekend. My sister and her husband visited from Oakland for the weekend and we always have a blast. We caught up, discussed our favorite beauty products, and shared Instagram followers. Pure bliss.

Did you take advantage of DST? My sleep schedule has been a little off the past week and the extra hour was amazing. October was such a whirlwind since I was busy with some kind of event every weekend. Now that November is here that means I only have 6 weeks left until the end of the semester...and then it's Christmas. And then it's spring semester. And then I graduate in May. Whoa.

Well, October was not an exciting month purchase-wise. I kept it to a minimum because I wanted to be able to pay rent. Smart, I know. Being a student definitely has its downfalls at times. 

The baseball cap with a faux leather bill is from Target for $6.99. Leopard flats also from Target. Last month I purchased a different pair of leopard flats and ending up returning them since they didn't fit right and were giving me blisters. Gold elastic clasp waist belt was found in my Mom's closet. 

Since October's purchases aren't very cool to look at, I included a fun photo from this weekend. Taken by the wonderful Chris, our paparazzi. You mean 3 sisters walking around campus in trenches isn't normal? 

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