Sunday, October 6, 2013

What I Bought in September

Whenever AG jeans are on Hautelook things get pretty impulsive around here. Let me back up first, AG jeans are my ultimate pair of jeans and Hautelook happens to sell them for a portion of the retail price. If you've shopped on Hautelook before, you know things sell out quickly. Like within hours. You also only have 15 minutes (I think) after you add an item to your cart to check out or they will be up for grabs again. So a couple weeks ago, I knew AG was going to be on sale starting at 10am CST the next morning. Once 10am rolled around I instantly visited Hautelook and scanned the items for sale. I quickly considered the different pairs of denim and went to add a pair to my cart only to find my size was sold out. WITHIN THE MATTER OF 5 MINUTES. I refreshed the page and my size just so happened to appear again, and I was off to checkout. Probably the fastest purchase I've ever made. Usually I contemplate a purchase for days. Needless to say, I love my new pair of AG legging skinnies that I got for $60!

Technically I bought the red striped shirt, necklace, and blue tank top on the last day of August, but they hadn't arrived in time to include them in last month's haul. It was the final day to use my Anthropologie birthday coupon so I picked out these items and some home decor as well which I will show in my upcoming home tour. All 3 have been my favorite things to throw on this past month.

Meg Briam's Manifesto Ts shop was having a clearing out sale so all of her tees were half off! I scooped up this cute Moxie shirt that also came with a free Bare Minerals Moxie Lip Gloss. I had been wanting one of her shirts for a while now and love how cozy yet playful it is.

The leopard shoes and belt are from Target. I needed a different pair of flats for fall and loved the leopard loafers I'd been seeing everywhere. Of course, there are tons of variations out there, but these happened to be a great deal. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to wear them yet since bringing them home I realized they pinched my toe so I will be returning them...possibly for a bigger size.

I also picked up this super moisturizing lipstick at Sephora by Josie Maran. It's got a ring of argan oil around the actual lip color so it goes on real smooth. It isn't incredibly long-wearing but when it fades it doesn't leave that awful line on the inside of your lips (Am I the only one who gets this?). Plus it doesn't feel sticky or drying.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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