Monday, October 7, 2013

Update Your Bedroom With 5 New Items


Re-decorating can be overwhelming, I get it. You already spent money on the headboard, end tables, and bedding, but as time passes you change your mind and would like a different look. Feeling like you have to completely change everything in the room to create a new feel, you get discouraged. After all, that can mean lots of money and time.

The truth is, it does not take a complete overhaul to update a room. Just a few new pieces can completely transform the look and feel, and all it takes is a couple hours. How's that sound for re-decorating?

This bedroom before was nice. It's calming colors makes a great getaway after a busy day, and I love the velvet bed frame. However, let's say you're looking for something a little more playful with some color. You grew tired of the dusty grey and green and need some flavor in your life. Tearing down wallpaper is not an easy feat, so that's out of the question. Instead of bringing in color with paint (which requires moving furniture, taping, time, etc., more time...) we're going to use textiles and a couple fun lamps to bring in color, pattern, and texture.

I added just 5 new pieces that transformed the room from Traditional Grey to Cheery Global.
1. These pillows are fun, vibrant, and the perfect dose of exotic.
2. A throw folded across the bed brings in nice texture and repeats the red and salmon color found in the  pillows.
3. I like having alternative seating in the bedroom like a chair and foot stool to drape clothes or sip your morning coffee.
4. The fur stool is so fun and brings so more needed texture.
5. These foo dog lamps I think are what pull the whole room together. It adds a little extra blue color and ties in the global theme.

The key here to making it work is keeping the color scheme similar to what it was before by still using shades of blue and grey and pulling the pink from the pillows. I love the overall look of mixed patterns and textures in a room. The wallpaper wasn't my favorite before but it works great here after we added a some more prints and color.

Do you like the changes? Do you have a room that could use some sprucing up and aren't sure where to start?

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