Friday, May 31, 2013

What I Bought in May

I hope you all had a fabulous May! It's always a fun month, don't you think? Winter is over and days on the lake are upon us. I had the chance to do some shopping like usual and enjoy the warm, sunny days we've had. I even did some mushroom hunting. Yeah, I didn't know it existed either.  You look in woody areas for fresh mushrooms to eat. Unfortunately, we didn't have much luck. 

If you have any better ideas to showcase monthly purchases I'd love to hear them because the photos just don't do justice. Maybe photograph each piece on a hanger? This month's purchases look like a lot but just about everything was on sale -- a few were even under $5.00! It seemed like the month of May had a new sale every week. Did you snag any great deals? 

Neon yellow top is from JCPenny. You can't see the back which is actually my favorite part, but it has two flaps of fabric that overlap and create a small open "V" at the bottom center. Hopefully that made a little sense to you guys. I'll be sure to post a photo next time I wear it.

Coral chiffon top from Target. Like I usually do while in Target, I was browsing the aisles and I came across this top. It has a deep open V in the front. Probably not something I would normally pick up but the fact that it was originally $22 marked all the way down to $1.46 (stealing?) I decided I'd give it a try. 

Stripe pocket tee is also a Target find on sale. Another addition to my slowly building tee collection. 

Quarter sleeve grey stripe sweater is from J.Crew. In the spring and summer months there are cool days, so I like having some lightweight sweaters to throw on with. 

Neon orange belt is from American Eagle. This past weekend I actually wore the quarter sleeve J.Crew stripe sweater and skinnies with this belt for a pop of color. 

"I'm not a player I just blog a lot" tee is from Raygun in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Blue jewel earrings from Target.

Metal tassel necklace from American Eagle.

Blue embroidered tank top from American Eagle. Such a pretty color and it has that tribal look which I love.

Navy chiffon embroidered top from American Eagle. Not usually a top store on my radar, but they were having 40% off the entire store so I stopped in and ended up finding some great things! 

Quarter sleeve tops from Target. They were only $3 so I got two, and I went up a couple sizes because I wanted them relaxed and roomy for lounging. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 5.5

Since it's been raining pretty much all day, I spent most of my day reviewing and taking a test, but I did also find time to get the sewing machine out and ready to go for my new apartment makeover that I blogged about on Monday. Very exciting! 

It's the last Wednesday of May which is crazy and hard to believe, so here they are -- my favorite picks of the week. 

1// Printmaker Blouse Last time I was in Anthropologie I saw this sweet little top and debated about it but headed home empty handed. Now that it's on sale I might have to pick it up.

2 // Ira Pocket Tee Last month I purchased a Splendid henley top and it has quickly become one of my favorite tops in my closet. The material and cut is incredibly flattering. A short sleeve version would be amazing for summer. 

3 // Canoe Pencil Case There is something about a mini canoe pencil case that makes me want to grab a sketchbook and do some drawing. 

4 // St. Tropez Everyday Face Moisturizer/Tanner Thankfully, my face does not tan very easily (I'd like to slow the process of aging as much as possible). However, I do not like having a pale face while the rest of my body is tan. The thought of smothering self tanner on my face kind of scares me but this one is moisturizing enough it could replace your current moisturizer. 

5 // Wooden Ice Cream Spoons Ice cream is one of my guilty pleasures. These wooden spoons would be super cute for the summer while enjoying a bowl of my favorite mint chip. A touch of neon never hurt. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Apartment Makeover {The Couch}

Happy Memorial Day! If you haven't already taken time to relax and enjoy the so now! 

I told you guys once Summer rolled around I'd have a bit more free time for projects, so here it is, the first project update! 

As I've mentioned before, I am moving into a new apartment come August, so I am eagerly planning projects for the new abode. Currently I do not have much for decor or furniture so I'm trying to get creative when furnishing my apartment on a college budget. First project to tackle is the seating situation in the living room. Right now I have none. Jordon offered me his gently used couch and I gratefully accepted. The problem is it's a forest green color with plaid cushions. Not really the color scheme I am going for... 

Fret not -- after all, who doesn't love a little challenge? I did some searching on Etsy and Ikea and found this and this for fabric to cover the 5 cushions. A slipcover in either grey or tan will eventually cover the rest of the couch. One step at a time. 

Today I measured and cut the fabric to fit the cushion and pinned together the two panels, one for the front and one for the back. I plan to add a zipper on one end so I can remove the casing to launder. 

The couch

The 2 patterns
2 panels pinned together

This is what the pillow will look like.

So far I only started on one pillow with one fabric. I'll see if I have to make any adjustments for fabric size and go from there. 

Next up, start sewing. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


If I had to choose one thing I couldn't leave the house without (iPhone is a given), I would probably choose lip butter/gloss. Some people have to have their morning coffee or sunglasses, but I am pretty simple in that sense. In fact, I have a weird feeling towards sunglasses. Of course, they look fab and you can get away with no makeup, so what's not to love? Well, here's the thing, I cannot get used to to something sitting on my face. Maybe it's because I've never worn eye glasses but having something on my face feels uncomfortable. Yeah, I have a pair of sunglasses from Target that I whip out once in a while, but I'm not one that has to have them while driving, walking, etc. But the funny thing is, I wish I was more like that. Is it weird? I want a serious collection of sunglasses for every type of outfit, and never leave the house without them. No matter what, I just can't seem to get in the habit. 

So that brings me to designer sunglasses...maybe if I had a pair I really liked I'd wear them all of the time? Probably not the most logical thinking. Nonetheless, here are the designer pairs that I'm currently ogling over.

Ray Ban Original Aviator //  Stella McCartney Round Sunglasses

The $200 price tag is a bit steep for me, especially after coming across the eyewear collection at Free People (think boho with lots of beads and fringe). They offer the same totally cool and fun shades as designer wear, except you can get them for $18. I think I'll give these a shot. Now the question is, how do I choose?

Free People

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 5.4

1. Forever21 Striped Maxi Dress // Maxis are a versatile item in your Spring and Summer wardrobe. Layer them up for those chilly days and keep it light when the temps warm up. For the last couple years now I have wanted a stripe maxi dress, and for $15, this one might be the winner.

2. Asos Tweed Jacket // Tweed is a surprising staple this Spring, which is fine by me since I couldn't get enough of it this past Winter. Pairing jackets and button ups with jean shorts is one of my favorite looks for the season. Perfect for low key brunch or a day shopping.

3. Club Monaco Amber Short // This picture doesn't do these shorts justice. You must go to the website and see the cute little scallop hemline for yourself. Another thing? Stripes make an outfit cool without even trying. I've seen the pants version, but I think the shorts are a bit more wearable yet still have the I just threw these on without trying yet look totally put together vibe. 

4. Tribal Pendant Necklace // Tribal accessories always have a place in my heart and closet.  The bright colors and pretty beading are so pretty and add interest to a plain white tee and jean shorts. 

5. Baby faux deer head // Funny story. As you know, I like combining natural elements with chic accessories in my home. When I was looking for a faux deer head to put above my bed, Jordon kindly offered to kill a real one for the real thing (he's a big hunter). The offer was sweet, but I think I'll stick with faux :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello Summer

Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip

Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Covered Kiwi

Melon Rumballa

Oh, hello Summer! You're looking nice. I enjoyed my first official day of summer today chilling with a friend as she prepared to fly out. Classes have started and a job interview is marked on the calendar. Life is good. Not to mention Memorial Day Weekend is coming up. 

Although I don't have any Memorial Day Weekend plans set in stone, I will be making these tasty treats -- if the weekend permits. Leave the grilling to the men and I'll handle the rest. Words of advice, don't look up Pinterest recipes while hungry...

Sweets are my weakness, so I take every opportunity to keep 'em in my diet while still eating healthy and feeling guilty-free. Grain free chocolate chip cookies might be the best concoction ever. They're actually made from chickpeas which doesn't sound appetizing, but the pictures look good, right?

A super tasty drink can be dangerous. I don't know if I could turn down a cute little thing like this. 

What are your favorite recipes with a healthy take for summer? 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

That Cut

You know those people that live for Hollywood Gossip, stand at the check-out line at the drugstore and read the latest headlines on People Magazine, and watch E!News daily? Call me guilty. I wouldn't call myself obsessive and I definitely don't believe all of the Hollywood stories that hit the mags, I just enjoy knowing the where-abouts of my favorite celebs. The Kardashian family being one of them. I have watched almost every season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (I spent a summer watching the old seasons on Netflix before I fell asleep each night). My friends always joke and say they can be talking about a story they heard on the news about Kim Kardashian and I will chime in from the other room with all of the details. I know, I know, it's all completely useless knowledge (if you can even call it that), but it's not like I'm spending hours researching this stuff, it kind of just comes naturally. 

After watching Silver Linings Playbook on Friday, the movie with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, I think I have a new favorite celeb. Although the movie was a little different than I had expected, I liked it. Jennifer Lawrence was so great and captured her raw, sarcastic character perfectly. As she came to fame from her role in the Hunger Games, the world has caught a glimpse of her likable, cool self. On red carpet appearances and during interviews she never seemed to take herself too seriously and isn't afraid to joke around, even if it's making fun of herself. Oh, the things you learn while watching E! News...

Since I never finished watching The Hunger Games (I fell asleep about halfway through), I never actually saw the talent until I watched Silver Linings Playbook. Well, as if an Oscar nomination doesn't say enough, she's got it. 

I'm kind of jealous of her hair right now. That short tousled cut is making me want to grow my hair out a little, though that might take a few more months. 

Have any of you seen the movie Silver Linings Playbook? What'd you think? Jordon and I were literally laughing out loud during some scenes! 

Have a splendid Sunday all :)

Images via

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 5.3

1 // Lace Skater Dress  Spring has arrived and wedding season is upon us. That calls for new party attire. Of course, I could always wear a dress already hanging in my closet (I still might), but you can't wear the same dress for every wedding. Facebook and Instagram have made repeating outfits a little more difficult. Memorial day weekend I'll be headed home and attending my first wedding of the year. After some dress shopping I'm thinking about maybe wearing this dress. Lace is always a plus in my books (as stated in my bio) and that coral color gets me every time. 

2 // Out Of Africa Dress Or should I wear this instead? Fun prints are irresistible these days. Two totally different look. I can't decide...

3 // Baublebar Bib Necklace  I'd wear this necklace with the Out of Africa dress. Summer is about having fun with colors and mixing prints and I will definitely be taking full advantage of that. 

4 // Tudor City Holly Wallet  Kate Spade is having a surprise sale with 75% off sale items that ends tonight. Subscribing to the often annoying store e-mails do have their perks! Just another reason to browse Kate Spade during my lunch hour. This mini wallet is what I've been needing for months and it finally went on sale! 

5 // Ocean Drive Stripe Purse  The ultimate summer purse with a long strap that I have actually preferred lately, but I'm trying to decide if I really need it. Hmm...all of these sales need to end so my bank account can take a rest!

Have fun shopping! 

Monday, May 13, 2013


This past weekend some exciting (well, to me anyways!) things happened.

Spring is here and that means it's golfing season. Watching it on TV is so dry, and my naiveness self never understood how people thought golfing was fun. To be honest, I didn't even know the rules of the game. Having never golfed in my life--not counting the time I went to the driving range for high school PE and attempted to swing a club, I decided it was finally time to end the streak this weekend and see what it's all about. After a few practice swings I headed for the course.

Now I understand why people like golf! I am no experienced golfer after one day by any means, but I had so much fun! Who doesn't like being outside when the shine is shining? Not to mention, I surprised myself and was able to actually hit the ball. 

After much procrastination, I finally decided I should purchase a desk with summer classes starting soon. Remember when I blogged about a great deal on a desk here? Yeah, I got around to ordering it last week. 

It came in the mail Friday and I put it together with the help of Jordon in about 15 minutes. I love it already! The edges are a little scuffed in some areas and it is probably not the most sturdy desk ever made, but considering I paid $50 on Amazon for it, I am pretty pleased. 

Spruce it up with the few office supplies I have and ta-da! I still need to get a desk chair -- I've been eyeing this one, some files, bins, and binders for storage, and some other cutesy decorations. Since I'll be moving into my new apartment in August I don't want to completely finish my workspace and then have to take it all down and move it into my new place so it'll stay pretty basic for a few months. 

"A" mug from Anthropologie. Set of 3 canisters from Hobby Lobby. Horse figure from Target. Pink file on the floor from Target. 

This is my last week at my internship (!!!) and that means the job hunt is in full force. If any one is in need of a marketing student this summer let me know :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 5.2

1. Heels always make an outfit look more put-together and glam. Imagine if I told you a pair of flats would do the same. Well, it's true guys. This entire collection of flats are amazing. Don't they look totally comfy yet glam? These and the studded T strap are my faves. If you don't believe me go check out Devon and see how she styled them and you will want a pair too. 

2. Earrings that are simple enough to wear again and again yet unique enough to be paired with basics are hard to come by. Say hello to By Boe. 

3. For some reason this orange color appears extremely versatile, no? Maybe it's just me. Either way, I'm liking it, and the clean shape. 

4. I am looking for some more containers to hold my small jewelry and I found these really interesting shaped ones. I especially like the coral "A" box, though I'm not sure it's supposed to resemble...

5. The pink and orange combo is really growing on me lately. I might have to wait until this thing goes on sale (if it ever will) or start saving my pennies. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Things...

Weekends are great. Perfect time to catch up on projects, relax, unwind, hang out, sleep in, reevaluate things, and rekindle motivation. I accomplished all of the above this past weekend and I'm feeling goooood.

5 Things I loved this weekend:

I paid a visit to Hobby Lobby and found myself entrenched in all of the cool paper goods and fancy pens/markers. I can't wait to get my craft on.

Saturday night Jordon and I went a local bar to celebrate the weekend's festivities of Cinco de Mayo and had such a good time. It was nothing special. We grabbed drinks and an appetizer, watched a little bit of the game and just hung out. 

I conveniently walked into Target on Sunday without remembering (shame on me) it was the launch of Sam & Libby by Sam Edelman. I must say the entire collection was impressive! I picked up these which are even more pretty in person.

Less time spent on social media = more time to focus on important things.

When I first saw the print on these things, (image above) I thought, "what a beautiful pair of pajama pants." Then I actually realized they aren't pajamas. They're so pretty but I'm clueless how I would style them. What do you think, are they wearable? 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 5.1

So many posts in so few days! I've been blogging like mad these last few days to get these blog posts up. I have some other projects I'm working on and I can't wait to get going on them the rest of the week and show you some sneak peeks. 

Here are a few things I'm loving from around the web...

1// Rugs USA 
Apartment decorating is still on the brain. This rug would be perfect in the living area. If I purchase a pricey rug I want to make sure it's one I'll use for years. Would pink tire me after a while? Any advice?

2// Valencia Gray Pin Tuck Duvet. 
If it was practical to switch my bedding every week I totally would. 

3// Block number studs. 
What numbers would you get?

4// Julep DD Creme. 
How clever. Kind of like a BB cream but beyond. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect BB cream, especially now that summer is approaching and this just might be it. Pre-order yours here.

5// Balloon Girl by Tiffany Mitchell
Her youthful watercolor fashion art are perfect hung in a bathroom or sitting on your vanity. Don't you just love their rosy cheeks?

6// Ginger Jar Scarf
A nice layering scarf. 

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