Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 5.3

1 // Lace Skater Dress  Spring has arrived and wedding season is upon us. That calls for new party attire. Of course, I could always wear a dress already hanging in my closet (I still might), but you can't wear the same dress for every wedding. Facebook and Instagram have made repeating outfits a little more difficult. Memorial day weekend I'll be headed home and attending my first wedding of the year. After some dress shopping I'm thinking about maybe wearing this dress. Lace is always a plus in my books (as stated in my bio) and that coral color gets me every time. 

2 // Out Of Africa Dress Or should I wear this instead? Fun prints are irresistible these days. Two totally different look. I can't decide...

3 // Baublebar Bib Necklace  I'd wear this necklace with the Out of Africa dress. Summer is about having fun with colors and mixing prints and I will definitely be taking full advantage of that. 

4 // Tudor City Holly Wallet  Kate Spade is having a surprise sale with 75% off sale items that ends tonight. Subscribing to the often annoying store e-mails do have their perks! Just another reason to browse Kate Spade during my lunch hour. This mini wallet is what I've been needing for months and it finally went on sale! 

5 // Ocean Drive Stripe Purse  The ultimate summer purse with a long strap that I have actually preferred lately, but I'm trying to decide if I really need it. Hmm...all of these sales need to end so my bank account can take a rest!

Have fun shopping! 

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