Friday, May 31, 2013

What I Bought in May

I hope you all had a fabulous May! It's always a fun month, don't you think? Winter is over and days on the lake are upon us. I had the chance to do some shopping like usual and enjoy the warm, sunny days we've had. I even did some mushroom hunting. Yeah, I didn't know it existed either.  You look in woody areas for fresh mushrooms to eat. Unfortunately, we didn't have much luck. 

If you have any better ideas to showcase monthly purchases I'd love to hear them because the photos just don't do justice. Maybe photograph each piece on a hanger? This month's purchases look like a lot but just about everything was on sale -- a few were even under $5.00! It seemed like the month of May had a new sale every week. Did you snag any great deals? 

Neon yellow top is from JCPenny. You can't see the back which is actually my favorite part, but it has two flaps of fabric that overlap and create a small open "V" at the bottom center. Hopefully that made a little sense to you guys. I'll be sure to post a photo next time I wear it.

Coral chiffon top from Target. Like I usually do while in Target, I was browsing the aisles and I came across this top. It has a deep open V in the front. Probably not something I would normally pick up but the fact that it was originally $22 marked all the way down to $1.46 (stealing?) I decided I'd give it a try. 

Stripe pocket tee is also a Target find on sale. Another addition to my slowly building tee collection. 

Quarter sleeve grey stripe sweater is from J.Crew. In the spring and summer months there are cool days, so I like having some lightweight sweaters to throw on with. 

Neon orange belt is from American Eagle. This past weekend I actually wore the quarter sleeve J.Crew stripe sweater and skinnies with this belt for a pop of color. 

"I'm not a player I just blog a lot" tee is from Raygun in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Blue jewel earrings from Target.

Metal tassel necklace from American Eagle.

Blue embroidered tank top from American Eagle. Such a pretty color and it has that tribal look which I love.

Navy chiffon embroidered top from American Eagle. Not usually a top store on my radar, but they were having 40% off the entire store so I stopped in and ended up finding some great things! 

Quarter sleeve tops from Target. They were only $3 so I got two, and I went up a couple sizes because I wanted them relaxed and roomy for lounging. 

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