Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Things...

Weekends are great. Perfect time to catch up on projects, relax, unwind, hang out, sleep in, reevaluate things, and rekindle motivation. I accomplished all of the above this past weekend and I'm feeling goooood.

5 Things I loved this weekend:

I paid a visit to Hobby Lobby and found myself entrenched in all of the cool paper goods and fancy pens/markers. I can't wait to get my craft on.

Saturday night Jordon and I went a local bar to celebrate the weekend's festivities of Cinco de Mayo and had such a good time. It was nothing special. We grabbed drinks and an appetizer, watched a little bit of the game and just hung out. 

I conveniently walked into Target on Sunday without remembering (shame on me) it was the launch of Sam & Libby by Sam Edelman. I must say the entire collection was impressive! I picked up these which are even more pretty in person.

Less time spent on social media = more time to focus on important things.

When I first saw the print on these things, (image above) I thought, "what a beautiful pair of pajama pants." Then I actually realized they aren't pajamas. They're so pretty but I'm clueless how I would style them. What do you think, are they wearable? 

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