Friday, June 7, 2013


It's about that time again. Hair time that is. Every 3 months I try and get my hair trimmed and my hair colored every 4-5 months. If I could get my hair cut and colored every month I totally would. There are so many different styles I'd like to try, but my hair doesn't grow that fast and color is very damaging. So, I stick to a less frequent schedule (probably for the better.)

A quick search on Pinterest brings up oodles of haircuts and highlights. This is where I usually go for hair inspiration. My favorite searches are "carmel highlights" and "chin length hair."

This time around I'm sticking with a trim. Since my hair is already above my shoulders there isn't a whole lot I can do different, but a trim really freshens up the look. The pictures above look short, right? In February I took the plunge and chopped my shoulder length hair to about chin length (similar to the photos above). My friends were even nervous for me! My stylist is great and everyone loved the results! Actually it is my favorite hairstyle yet. Looking back on old photos of when I had long hair just makes me cringe. It definitely wasn't for me. 

I've had auburn, blonde, dark (almost black) hair and everything in between. Not proud. None of them lasted too long and probably none of them should have even been attempted. Although, blonde hair was fun for while. I'm sticking to my roots this time and asking for carmel highlights to brighten things up for summer. I can't wait! Going to the salon is always a fun, relaxing experience.

What's your hair maintenance routine like? Where do you find your inspiration? 

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