Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 6.2

Summer is almost half over so I hope you are enjoying it! Crazy, huh? I have not enjoyed the weather as much as I'd like to so that is slightly disappointing. Lately the sky is filled with clouds and rain so there have been few opportunities. Today, the sun decided to bless us with its presence so I am soaking it in as we speak (or type, whichever you prefer).

Essie Colors // I go in streaks when it comes to painting my nails. Sometimes I want perfectly manicured nails with fun colors and other times the sound of painting my nails every few days (chipped nails aren't so hot) turns me off. For some reason spending the half hour painting my nails sounds tortuous. If I only had to do it, say once a week, I feel like I wouldn't dread it as much. I've been experimenting with products lately to help prolong the paint wear and once I perfect it, I will let you know :) Have you ever checked out all of the Essie colors available on their website? Holy moly. Denim Dress // There is something about the summer heat that makes throwing on a dress sound soo nice. I like the relaxed look of this one that makes it appropriate for errands. Throw on your Converse and head out the door. Calendar // 2014 may seem like months away and to be honest, it can stay far away. But this colorful little calendar is the perfect daily dose of happiness. It even has templates on the back to use the old months as cards or gift boxes. With this calendar 2014 is pretty much guaranteed a success. Yasmin Dress // If this dress doesn't scream summer I don't know what does. Comfy and back cutout perfection. Yes, please. Alterna Texture Mist // My hair is naturally wavy --not the air-dry-and-go wavy that looks cute without effort. Spending time straightening it in the morning only to have the lovely Iowa humidity bring out the wave is useless. I'm hoping a texture spray will give my hair the control it needs. Do you have a favorite beachy waves spray I should try?

Enjoy the rest of your week, friends and thank you for reading!

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