Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Reads

The blogging world can be a bit overwhelming at times. Almost every website, designer, writer, creator, boutique (I think you get the idea...) has a blog. With blogs about anything and everything imaginable, you are bound to find at least 3 -- or 30 blogs you love. For me, I love reading blogs because I discover so many new things just by reading. It not only introduces me to my new favorite earrings, clothing designer, or DIY project ideas, but there are so many bloggers I can relate to as well! It's is kind of a fun way to "meet" new people. 

Now that I have created my own blog, I find my time to be a little more precious than before. I am no longer busy just reading blogs and searching online for new ones, but I also have to plan and write blog posts myself! Managing the few hours I have in the evening each day when I get home from my internship has been a learning process. Between balancing my time on the computer browsing and reading blogs, to writing my own blog posts, and including a little relaxation with my boyfriend in there somewhere -the 4 hours at home sure go fast! I have started making better use of my time and plan my schedule out ahead of time so when I come home at 5pm, I am productive and check everything off my To-Do List. Perfect!

One lifesaver that has helped me stay organized and on top of my reading lists is Bloglovin. It is a handy little website that saves all of your favorite blogs in one place so you don't have to memorize or bookmark each individual blog. It keeps track of each post you read and notifies you everyday with an e-mail of your daily reads so you never miss a single post! If you find a new blog you want to follow, simply add it to your Bloglovin list. It is now possible to refer back to a blog post a few weeks old and find those cute flats you forgot about! 

Here is the (long) list of blogs I love and follow:

MakeupByTiffanyD - She is actually a YouTube make up guru who I was introduced to by my friend a couple years ago :) 
A Piece of Toast
Hey Gorgeous Events
Apartment 34
Devon Rachel
House of Earnest
Sequins and Stripes - Thanks to my sister!
Studio ten 25
The Daybook
The Everygirl
The Glitter Guide

Today's featured post on The Glitter Guide: Samantha Willis makes all of the jewelry herself

There are more blogs and I'm always adding to the list, but these are my favorites. Enjoy!

What are a few of your favorite blogs?

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