Thursday, February 28, 2013

What I Bought This Month

As I mentioned earlier in a past blog post, I want to go through my closet and do some Spring cleaning to get rid of the old clothes I no longer wear, and really update my closet with a few basics and some nicer pieces that are fit well. Now that I am getting a little older, I have found what styles of clothing and fabrics look best on my body type. I think it's important to dress for you and your style, while keeping your body type in mind. In magazine you see articles that tell you what to wear if you have an athletic shape, curvy, short, etc. but I never fit any of the categories. So after a little reading, looking back on pictures, and some serious trial and error, I have found that more structured pieces like blazers and jackets and button down tops are most flattering on me. That doesn't mean I don't wear anything else except blazers, but I think it's always important to have some go-items that you know look good.

 As I shop online and stroll through stores I see tons of cute things, but rarely do I actually buy them. I always feel like I have to have an event coming up in order to buy a new outfit. I don't even like to buy plain tees when I find a good fitting brand because I would rather have a cute nice top. Of course I always want to kick myself the next time I'm searching my closet for my lone black tee (that is in the laundry basket). We all know the importance of a few good tees in black, white and see why I need to do some Spring cleaning now?! 

Anyway, I did a little shopping throughout February and here is what I found:

I apologize for the bad quality, I should think about investing in a better camera besides my iPhone!

The flats are from JCPenny and were only $16! I had been looking for a neutral pair of flats for  Spring and happened to walk by these and thought they were adorable and too hard to pass up. They are a light pink with a camel colored bow (I will remove the jewel from the center of the bow). 

The camel colored faux leather jacket is from Target. Jackets are nice to throw on in the Spring, and I always love a nice leather jacket. 

The tan jacket to the right from Love Culture (reminds me of Forever 21) does not look half as good as it does in person. The color looks really off here. The sleeves and body of the jacket are almost a chiffon material and the collar and shoulders are a faux leather. What do you think, are the studs on the shoulders a bit much? The jacket looks so good in person and has a great fit, so I thought it was a good addition to my closet. It is the same concept of a blazer, with a little bit of an edge.

Next is a faux leather (what can I say, I'm digging leather lately) black flouncy skirt from Love Culture. The material is really thin so it has a lot of movement which I like. I think the flounce down plays the toughness of the leather which makes it work. 

The cream chiffon button up blouse is from Love Culture. I have a few other similar tops like this and I always find myself grabbing for them in my closet. 

The gold chain necklace is from Charming Charlie. 

The tank top is from Target and is a good alternative to a solid color tank top. 

Last but not least is the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation. I have been using Revlon ColorStay foundation for a few years, but I wanted to try something different to help minimize the creasing around my mouth (you know, the smile lines). I have used it a couple times and I'm really liking it. The formula seems to holds up well throughout the day. 

What styles look best on you? Do you have a go-to item in your closet that is a never fail? 


  1. I am excited to check out Love Culture! You have some great affordable finds!

    1. Thank you! I had actually never heard of Love Culture until I came to Omaha. Now I love it!


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