Monday, February 25, 2013

A Little Shabby + A Lot Of Chic

Now that I have my apartment picked out and and the lease signed beginning in August, I can't help but start coming up with ideas for decor and picking out furniture and other decorating pieces. Yes, I am fully aware that move in day is 6 months away. It's never too early is it? I have most everything for my bedroom and bathroom already, but after that I have nothing for the living room, kitchen, etc!

I like to look at tons of pictures on blogs and Pinterest for inspiration, but I always try and turn my ideas into projects I can do myself and save a little money. Part of the fun of decorating is coming across some awesome pieces and designers you never knew about before. One of which is number nine below. That lovely watercolor print by Jessica Durrant is only one of  her many beautiful prints. Seriously, I love every single one of them! Number two with the antler lamp? Throw a sheepskin rug underneath the desk and it fits me to a T.

 My interior design style is a little bit of shabby, a lot of chic, with a few natural elements. I like a light color palette that mainly consists of whites and pastels. It really makes the room feel clean simple, and open -- just the way I like it.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen

How would you describe your design style? 

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  1. Really cute roundup of inspiration items! It's great that you're planning ahead - it really makes things a lot easier and less overwhelming (if that's possible with moving!). Can't wait to see what you do with your space.



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