Monday, March 25, 2013

Workshop {Florals}: Lesson Two

If you missed my first post in the Floral Workshop be sure to check it out here. One of my favorite bloggers at House of Earnest is doing a Beginner Blooms series where she demonstrates how to do floral arrangements, starting small and making her way up towards more involved tutorials.

Since I want to learn how to make my own beautiful bouquets, I am following along and posting my creations here! 

Lesson Two: Lilies

I am really enjoying these tutorials and learning the different tricks along the way as I play with it. I had to trim the stem lengths a couple times until I got the perfect length so the blooms didn't fall towards the sides creating a gap in the center. Notice the bare trees and snow in the background. It was snowing while I was working on the arrangement. Flowers are the only thing making it actually feel like Spring around here! 

I'd love to hear how your creation goes! 

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