Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List

I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I've been loving and shopping for lately. As you know, I online shop quite a bit (but I have cut back tremendously since I set goals in my previous blog post!) so I always seem to have a running list of things I need, want, or like. Most of the time I end up filling my online shopping cart and never returning to checkout. I do this because, 1) I like to think a few days about most purchases I make so I can decide if it's what I really want or need; 2) decide if it is worth the money; or 3) search for a better deal. If I instantly bought everything I saw and liked I would not have any money left! Here are a few items on my current wish list...

 I recently purchased a new purse I love, but I downsized a little from my previous one I used regularly. Now my wallet no longer fits very well in my new purse, so I want to find a wallet that is a little smaller but still has compartments for cards and cash. Kate Spade has some cute options, but the wallets that have multiple compartments are over $100. So...being the bargain shopper that I am, I looked around until I came across this one (shown below) on Ebay. It has a zipper closure, a few different slots for keeping cash and cards separate, and the pink color matches the inside of my purse. Perfect! 

Kate Spade Mini Neda Wallet.

How pretty is this robe! Need I say more? 

Knee Length Kimono Robe $65
I heard about these fabulous robes from the lovely Rhiannon on her blog Hey Gorg Events. I encourage you to go check out her blog--everything she does is awesome, just likes these robes!
I really love the print shown, Beckoning Creatures, and Pink Love Poppy. The photo does not do it justice, so go online and check out the pretty prints for yourself. :)

In Iowa, Winter is the longest season. Walking to class is bad enough, and when the temperature is freezing it's even worse! Boots are the only thing that keep my feet warm this time of year, so I consider them a must in my closet. I have been wanting a pair of Frye boots for a while now, but the price tag is holding me back. With Fall and Winter combined I can wear them for at least 5 months, so they are a good investment, right? 

Check out these beauties. 
Jane Tall Cuff Boots
I may have struck a deal on a pair of these (fingers crossed) that are slightly used, but in good condition and 1/3 of the retail price. I will let you know if the deal works out by tomorrow hopefully! 

Lately, I am obsessed with anything sheer or floral print. This top looks so pretty and easy to wear. I would wear it with my faux leather black skinny pants to toughen up the look a little bit, or with dark wash flare pants, a blazer, and wedges for a Springy look.
Pins and Needles Blouse $49
Urban Outfitters

As Spring gets closer and closer, I am excited for some closet cleaning and updating! Stay tuned for more. 

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