Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Wish List 7.4

Kate Spade Saturday, h&m, watch, summer, denim, dress, clutch, pillow cover

Summer is flying by and it's a little scary to think it's almost over. In almost a week it'll be my birthday and then before you know it school starts up again. Eek. I better cherish the few precious weeks left. With fall quickly approaching, stores are getting rid of their summer gear and breaking out the cozy, fall clothing. The last couple days I've been working on a fall fashion trend guide for a client and I must say there are some goodies for the upcoming season. Plaid print anyone? However, with the recent heat wave I'm still in summer mode. What's the fun in buying fall clothes if you can't wear them yet? 

Shirt Dress Shirt dresses are  flattering and comfortable. Plus the denim makes it super cool.  // Splatter Paint Pillow Cover Isn't this just the cutest? I'm thinking about getting these for my bed, but I wish they were the bigger Euro sham instead. // Tie It Up Top One of Kate Spade Saturday's newest prints and it might be my favorite yet. Many of the tops look a bit short, any general thoughts on how their tops fit? // Zig Zag Watch If you haven't noticed a trend yet, I am mildly obsessed with Kate Spade Saturday. Which explains why 3 items on this week's Wish List are from there. The entire collection is bright and playful and reasonably priced -- what's not to love? I have yet to actually purchase anything yet, so I think I might have to real soon. A sportier version to switch out with my Fossil watch for class. Plus, Molly at A Piece of Toast has a black watch which means I need one too. // Abstract Clutch I'm all about a fun clutch these days. The bright colors and fun print make me happy. 

That's all, folks!

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