Saturday, July 13, 2013

Copy Cat

How cute are they?!

Have you ever browsed a fashion blog and after looking at oodles of fabulous outfits, want to completely change your wardrobe? I do. All the time. I love fashion and putting together outfits myself, but every time I step out on the street or browse Pinterest, my outfits suddenly feel...obsolete. Like it's not as put-togehter, cute, or fashionable as the rest. 

Recently I have been stalking the stylish gals over at A Piece of Toast for outfit inspiration in hopes of ending my lackluster fashion once and for all. Sally and Molly's style can be described as classic, crisp, and effortless. Every outfit they post seems to just get better and better. Seriously, they could make a paper bag look good-- and their legs for miles helps too.

What I love most about these two is how true they are to their own style. Molly wears lots of white and blue. Sally likes to add a pop of color. Some call it boring wearing the same styles over and over...but if it isn't broken don't fix it, right? 

When I'm shopping I have a tendency to pick out pieces that don't necessarily go well with the rest of my closet, which makes pairing outfits difficult. My style can range from super girly to very edgy. Not that you shouldn't change up your style once in a while, I just would like to find a style that I'm happy with day in and day out. Looking at what other people are buying and wearing is a way for me to find particular styles I like and resemble them. That's what inspiration is all about!

After going through pages and pages of outfit inspiration, I've rounded up a few of my favorites. This is what I am striving for on a day to day basis. Now if I just copy the purchases, I'll be set!

*All images via A Piece of Toast 

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