Friday, July 19, 2013

Make It {Custom Wall Art}

Art can get pretty spendy, especially when you're trying to decorate an entire apartment or house. I have a few prints of my own, but I want a new piece for my kitchen area. This fun DIY is impossible to mess up and it takes less than hour! Let's get started...

The Supplies:
painting/art - $10, Hobby Lobby
stick-on letters - $3, Hobby Lobby
acrylic paint - $1, Hobby Lobby
paint brush - $1, Hobby Lobby
Total Cost

Visit your local thrift store or rummage through your parents attic for an old piece art. Since you will be painting over the majority of the painting, it doesn't matter how ugly it is. Just as long as it has some color to show through for the letters. 

Step 1// Come up with a saying or phrase
Since I need a piece of art for the kitchen area, I wanted it relevant to eating or drinking. Mojitos are my favorite mixed drink so it makes sense!

Step 2 // Arrange the letters on the painting
To ensure even spacing and proper placement, arrange the letters where you want them on the painting. DO NOT peel the sticky part off the letters until you have the entire sentence laid out. I used 2" letters, but there are smaller options if you go with a smaller painting.

Step 3 // Remove the peel and stick each letter down.

Step 4 // Paint
Squirt some paint on the canvas and brush away! Start with a little paint and go from there. I did 3 coats and let the painting show through a little for a weathered or worn look. You can choose to paint it as opaque or translucent as you wish. 

Coat 1

Coat 2

Coat 3

Step 5 // Peel off the letters
Once it is completely dry, peel off the letters.

This is a great, affordable way to customize the art in your home. Use whatever phrase or color you'd like! I will probably frame mine and hang it above my bar cart. 

Happy Friday, and as always, share pictures of your own creation!

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