Thursday, August 22, 2013


My week in DC was perfect and just what I needed. So nice to explore the city and spend time with the boyfriend and his family. More pictures are coming soon. I flew in late last night and spent today trying to adjust to good ole' Iowa again. Do you ever have a hard time coming back from a vacation? Even though it was a new city, it felt so easy and familiar and I liked that. 

I'm hoping once I get my apartment all organized and settled it'll start to feel like my own. Internet isn't scheduled for setup until the 28th so I am slightly freaking out. Yet another waiting game with the Internet. Not fun. Not fun at all.  So I'll do my best writing posts when I have access to the Internet. Once school starts I can get back on schedule with things! Tomorrow I'll post the How to Land a Kick- Butt Job feature instead of posting it today. I apologize for the chaos lately, it will get better I promise! 

Image taken by me in Georgetown.

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