Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Land Your Kick-Butt Dream Job: Episode 1

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With 2 semesters left of college, I already feel the pressure to land a great job and build a successful career. There are countless articles and blog posts on the web interviewing successful businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and creatives all flaunting their fabulous careers. Sure, they are helpful in answering some questions in the industry and giving us a taste for what it takes to succeed, but the interviews don't go into detail about searching for jobs, internships, or the interviewing process. Sometimes I'm left feeling overwhelmed. So many questions about how to accomplish what they did. Of course, I have goals and dreams just like anyone else. We read about women and their careers and want to be just as successful. Now that graduation creeps closer and closer I feel as if I am not completely prepared and equipped with the knowledge and tools I need to set me apart from the competition and accomplish what they have.  So many questions and only a few answers.

That's when I decided to create a blog series that was meant to answer a few of those questions and go into more detail about college preparation, internships, the interviewing process, and blogging. When I started thinking about who I could turn to for answers, Cait Weingartner, the author of Pretty & Fun instantly popped in my mind. The first time I came across Cait was her home feature on The Everygirl.  She had a sense of realness, authenticity, and the ultimate gallery wall. Her closet isn't packed full of designer labels nor is she mad about it. Cait is a girl I can relate to -- and she already has a great career going. 

Without further ado, welcome Cait as she's with us the next 4 weeks answering some questions! 

Name: Cait Weingartner

Age: 25

Job Title: Digital Strategist, 360i

Blog name/year started: Pretty & Fun, 2011

Where did you go to college and what was your area of study? I went to a
small liberal arts college in New Jersey called Centenary College – I had gone
away as a freshman and it just did not work out for a number of reasons. I came
home for Christmas and decided that I’d rather commute and live at home. I
majored in Communications with an emphasis in Print Journalism and initially
focused on Public Relations.

Did you participate in activities or clubs throughout school to help build
your resume? What were they?
As a commuter I didn’t spend a ton of time
on campus but I rode on my college’s equestrian team and freelanced for the
school’s newspaper.

How important is involvement through school in helping build experience
to land your dream job?
Networking is always important, whether it’s on or off
campus. I don’t think being a social butterfly or involved in a ton of clubs/activities
is necessarily required but it’s about making the most of each experience and
then applying what you’ve learned, whether it’s leadership or creativity, to the
real world.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently during school? 
Personally I wish I would have transferred to a large school – the network that is
associated with a large university is incredible and looking back I wish I had that

Thank you Cait for taking the time to answer some questions! Next Thursday we are discussing everything about internships. If you have any questions for me regarding internships (I'm on my 3rd internship this summer), tweet @amandarisius and I will answer them in next week's episode.  

Image via The Everygirl, photography by Stoffer Photography 

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