Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Land Your Kick-Butt Dream Job: Episode 3

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As promised, today is the 3rd episode of How to Land Your Kick-Butt Job with Cait Weingartner, voice behind Pretty & Fun! If you missed episode 1 and 2 or just want to reread them (kudos to you!) find them here and here

Today Cait is with us chatting all about interviews and what employees look for in an employee. We all know how difficult it is to stand out from competition these days so Cait shares her tips that helped land her a dream job. So read up :) If you have any other questions that weren't answered or if you have a question about my interview tips feel free to tweet me at @amandarisius and I will do my best answering them.

Name: Cait Weingartner

Age: 25

Job Title: Digital Strategist, 360i

Blog name/year started: Pretty & Fun, 2011

What qualities are employers really looking for as interns and employees? I think the most important quality, hands down, is just having a general hunger. Be curious. Want to learn more. Always say yes to opportunities. Speak up and ask questions. I’ve found that hunger and curiosity are two things that really set people apart in the work place (even well beyond internships).

How do you stand out from such tough competition and set yourself apart? Keep age and inexperience from being a factor by focusing on your problem solving ability and professionalism. Stay focused on the results you’ve delivered during interviews, ask questions and have a clear vision of why you think the job is a good fit and goals you’d have for yourself in that position. Stick with the classics for your interview outfit and always send a handwritten thank you note as a follow up, referencing personal connections and anecdotes from your interview.

What recommendations do you have for those on the internship or job hunt and not landing any interviews? Reevaluate your resume. Are you selling yourself short? Are you saying a lot without actually providing any meaningful information? Make sure your resume shows impact and action – focus on what you have done and the results of your work versus highlighting vague activites.

I have seen many job applications ask for a portfolio or link to a blog. Do you have an online portfolio? Who hosts it, perhaps share a link? and explain its significance to employers. I don’t have one!

Thank you Cait! 

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