Monday, August 26, 2013

My Trip in Photos


The best ice cream ever.

Lincoln Memorial

On the field at Washington National's stadium

NYC view from New Jersey.

Ground Zero

He was posing perfectly just asking for a photo. 

The White House

My final year of college has officially begun! The first week of classes are syllabus overload but I don't mind. So many different feelings now that's it's my last year. 

Last week I was on vacation and took time off from blogging and my computer for the majority of the trip. Whenever I take a few days off I always get anxious to come back and get back to working and blogging, but I tried hard to take in everything while on vacation and be present. We toured most of the monuments and visited the Holocaust Museum. Had some $9 beers at a couple Nationals baseball games and got to the see Redskins win. 

My favorite part about the trip (besides the Redskins win) was walking around Georgetown. It's a quaint neighborhood in DC with great architecture and cute shops and restaurants. So many great outdoor spaces and menus I wish we could have spent a whole week just trying the different restaurants! I don't think my stomach would have been too happy with me though. It was so fun walking around the city, exploring new places, and people watching. Have you tried it before? You just find a comfy seat in the mall, on the sidewalk, anywhere and watch all of the people come and go. A lot of my outfit inspiration actually comes from people watching. It's really interesting to see how people interact especially in different cities. 

Since my new Canon T3i and lens arrived in the mail the day before I flew out, I used my vacation as practice learning to shoot my new camera. I must say it's a bit intimidating converting from my iPhone camera to a DSLR. No joke I read the camera's user's manual while on the airplane just so I had a little information on the different settings. It was actually very helpful in understanding when to use what setting and what each one did. All of the pictures above are taken by me during my trip. Some of the photos were taken using the auto and landscape setting, but I played around a lot with settings to create blurred backgrounds, which is actually my favorite technique. 

Here are a couple helpful resources I used when shooting and editing my photos. Do you have any great resources for photography tips? 


  1. It looks like you had an amazing trip! Great photos - I'm due for a trip back to DC soon.

  2. Somehow I just saw this! Thanks - DC was perfect!


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