Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Wish List 8.2

With this week Iowa heatwave and all the buzz on New York Fashion Week, I think I am finally ready for fall. Despite the fact that fall leads into winter....and that means 4 months of miserable cold weather and snow, fall is one of my favorite times. Especially for fashion. There is just something about cozy sweaters, corduroy, and boots.

Last week I attended the J.Crew Style Sessions (Shout out to the fabulous and ever so stylish Katelyn, Sam, and Kiley whom I met at the event!) promoting their new fall collection and fell in love with every piece. Not that that is unusual or anything -- it's actually seems to be a recurring thing! Chambray shirts, corduroy pants in every shade (I got the dark red), and boots on boots on boots. How's a girl supposed to choose?

I did some deep thinking and managed to limit my fall wish list to a few pieces...for this week anyway.

Classic Stripe Lace Up Who doesn't love a cute pair of tennies? // Printed Point Flat A super versatile flat and I love the pointy toe. // Printed Skinny Jeans I will admit these look a bit scary. Had it not been for Sally's fabulous outfit I would have never considered these. I have yet to purchase a pair of printed jeans but with this price, they are too good to pass up. // Baseball Cap I have been loving the sporty, relaxed look these days. Dressing for class and dressing for work call for 2 totally different wardrobes. For class I like to be comfortable yet stylish. A baseball cap means I can sleep in and extend my blowout one more day... // Madewell Henley Again, it's all about the easy pieces that still look great.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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