Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Domino Nails Summer Style

I have always loved magazines. When I was in 7th grade I subscribed to Lucky magazine when it first came out. Mostly because my older sister read it, so naturally that meant I should to. Turned out I loved the magazine and currently am a happy subscriber. These days I have less free time to sit down and read my favorites, but this past weekend I picked up the summer Domino issue. You must g`o get your pretty little hands on an issue NOW. A home decor magazine is right up my alley anyway, but the whole magazine is choke full of beautiful homes and inspiring content. You know how sometimes a magazine looks great from the cover, and but the inside ends up stale and less interesting? Well, domino will not disappoint. I was ooing and awing as I flipped page after page, not in public might I add. The issue is the epitome of summer: easy breezy style and cool spaces. Plus, if you are looking for cheery abstract art check out Sally King Benedict. She's completely adorable and I'm totally wearing her cover outfit to an upcoming wedding in August. Let's just say she made me change my option on crop tops.

On Monday I was on location for a shoot with Apartment 34 and Rue! We left the city for the afternoon, ate oysters, and drank wine. It was so much fun working with other people in the industry, and getting a behind-the-scenes experience on a photo shoot. You might even spot me in the upcoming feature, so stay tuned!

*All images are not included in the Summer 2014 issue, but are found on domino's website. 

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