Monday, March 17, 2014

First House: Kitchen Inspiration

A Hammer & Heels | First House: Kitchen Inspiration

I'm jumping right into another inspiration post for the new house makeover! Last week I covered the living inspiration, colors, and how I want the house to feel. After seeing this photo I am now inspired to bring a little fire engine red into the house as well. Maybe by painting the front door. But, that's another blog post. In the kitchen we are keeping the same bright, open, and comfortable theme throughout, so the walls and cabinets will be white and all new hardware will be installed. The floors and counters will be updated eventually.  Luckily, they are pretty neutral so it won't be a problem with the rest of the kitchen decor right away. I'm actually thinking about painting the counters with a faux marble technique. It sounds scary but it looks so great here that it might be worth a shot so I can still have my marble! There are tons of cabinets with space for a table and chairs. As usual, I plan on scouring Craigslist and Goodwill for a table, bar cart, and fun decor. I'm loving this tulip style table and it's the perfect size for the cozy nook. With a well-stocked bar cart and some pretty napkins there will be plenty of color in the space. By the way, if you are looking for pretty tabletop decor, you should check out Leif. They have the most beautiful napkins, trays, and even serving utensils!

Cowhides are very durable rugs so it will work great in the kitchen where there is lots of traffic. I have been dying to find a way to incorporate ghost chairs into the home and I think in the kitchen is the perfect place. If you have shopped around much for ghost chairs you know they can be pricey. They usual start around $100 each, and you have to double check measurements because there are child sizes that sound like a great deal, but ultimately wouldn't work in my home. I was so excited when Kristen discovered these adult size ghost chairs for only $55 each! You go girl.

What do you think of the kitchen inspiration? What kitchen challenges are you facing in your home?


  1. I honestly would have never thought of cowhide for a kitchen, but I'm love the idea! And ghost chairs for $55?! It's like Christmas. Pretty sure I need to snatch these up!

    Jenna l Clothed in Confetti

    1. I was tempted to use the cowhide in the living room, but I love the organic shape of the rug paired with a round table!

  2. That faux marble technique looks amazing -- thanks for sharing! Excited to follow along with your kitchen progress.

    Emily |

    1. I'm excited to try it out! Lots of DIYs and projects to come :)


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