Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shop Feathered

shop feathered is a home accessories store for the stylish lady

When I'm decorating my home, I'm always thinking how I can add personality to make it "mine." I use colors and patterns, select furniture styles I like, but it's the accessories that really make a home stand out and reflect who you are. How you style a shelf, coffee table, and what sits atop your dresser are all ways to display your style or tell a story through items with fond memories. I call it the art of layering. A home with lots of layers and accessories feels more cozy and overall lived-in -- which is exactly how it should be, right?

Insert Feathered. The cutest shop with the best home decor, pillows, and prints. Every single item is unique -- I want my home adorned in it all! I mean, who wouldn't want this sitting on their kitchen counter? Feathered is perfectly curated by Kelly of Fabulous K. I have been obsessed with her blog for a while and was thrilled when she opened up Feathered a few months ago. It truly is a reflection of her blog; full of inspiration and pastels. 

With spring right around the corner (tomorrow is the first official day!), what better time to decorate your home with a bunny cake (or jewelry) stand or wishbone wall hook.


  1. Great find! Love all of these picks & I hadn't heard of Feathered.

    1. It's fairly new -- I just love the quirky items!

  2. Thanks for including us on your lovely blog! xx


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