Friday, March 14, 2014

What I'm Wearing

A Hammer & Heels: What I'm Wearing to Bo Blog Social

Happy Friday!  I hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend. March is flying by like usual, and Go Blog Social conference is sneaking up quicker than I expected. Only three more weeks until a weekend in Kansas City chatting blogging, listening to some amazing speakers, learning TONS, and meeting you guys. Can't wait! My business cards arrived, and now one of the few things I have left to do is figure out what I want to wear to the conference. I'm stressing about it way more than I probably should be, and it's kind of taking over my brain the past few days. Since it's my first time attending a conference, I'm a little unsure what to wear and how dressed up others get, so finding two perfect (affordable) outfits has been a struggle to say the least. After way too many hours of searching I think I finally have a couple winners! I'm LOVING midi skirts and they are spotted everywhere this spring, but I have never tried one. Also, how fab is the blazer?! It's so versatile! I'm dreaming up so many outfit ideas, plus you all know how much I love a good blazer. It's hard to picture everything together with just this inspiration board, so I'm hoping it looks as good as it does pictured in my head. As for shoes, I'm thinking about wearing my booties with the second outfit, but we'll see. What are your go-to looks when getting dressed up?

I am going to enjoy my weekend as spring break has finally arrived! No fun trips planned for this girl unfortunately, but I do plan on working on some exciting projects so that's good enough for me :)


  1. Can we talk about how amazing those Sole Society Heels!! You're going to look fabulous at your conference, also, just saw your apartment on TEG, love it!

    Happy Friday :)

    - Erica

    bolts and arrows

    1. Oh, I should have mentioned. The shoes are on sale for only $35!! So amazing. I'm glad you like my apartment :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I don't have the slightest idea what I'm going to wear that weekend! Being comfortable is one of my top priorities. Have a good one! :)

    1. It's a relief to finally figure it out! I might switch up a couple things, but at least I have an idea. Normally I would wear things in my closet, but I think I only have one dress and skirt! I'm lacking in the "dressed up" department.

  3. Ugh, now I'm getting super jealous of going to Go Blog Social! Enjoy, lady!

  4. what a lovely look! I'm in love with that blazer!!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra
    PS Be sure to enter my giveaway to win a tee or tank from By Luciana!


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