Monday, January 13, 2014


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It's officially two weeks into the new year and I am already feeling behind and playing "catch up." I was thrown a couple curve balls this year already and I as a result, I am not on schedule like I hoped. Do you feel the same way? I am trying not to dwell on it, but rather use it as motivation to keep focused. Jess Lively spoke on a similar topic and I loved her take on it. Instead of setting specific resolutions for 2014, I decided to focus on one over-arching theme for the entire year. You can read more about it here.

I have been thinking a lot about what I need to do to bring me closer to my new year's resolution. Sometimes we think it's best to take in knowledge and hope the right answer comes to us, but in reality I think it takes trial and error. We need to take action. The article by Lindsey Saletta for The Everygirl really hit home with me. 4 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves challenges us to think about what we are actually doing with ourselves. My favorite of the 4 questions was the first, "How much of your day do you spend consuming what other people have created? How often do you create?" One of my challenges is getting caught up in learning and consuming other's content rather than creating my own. I have a handful of blogs I visit daily and my inbox is constantly filling up with newsletters and e-mails that I turn to for answers. There comes a point when I need to experience it myself, and try it on my own. I am so concerned about keeping up with my Bloglovin' feed that I forget to just write what's on my mind, instead of reading others' posts to figure it out like I usually do.

It's like that time when I had the opportunity to take an internship a year ago. I contemplated the decision for days, and then finally decided to take the chance and go for it. It turned out the internship wasn't for me, but I would have never known had I not taken the chance. Now I have a better idea what I want to do for my career. It's funny how something good can come in the most unexpected way.

So, what can I do today that will help me reach my path/goal?

What goals did you set for the year? What do you do to keep motivated and stay on track? What are your biggest challenges?


  1. Love this post Amanda! One of my fave bloggers, Steph Sterjovski, taught me to spend less time on Pinterest and more time creating things people will want to pin. I really loved that!

    1. Ahh she is one of my favorites as well!! That's great advice. I'm trying to create something new every day!


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