Friday, January 10, 2014

A Girl and Her Pouches

I love pouches. Any kind, any size. I don't know what it is about them -- maybe it's because I feel extra organized? Traveling with them is essential and a complete dream. All of my jewelry, make up, lip gloss, hair accessories, trinkets, and anything else I need quick access to but I don't want floating around my suitcase, go in pouches. Do you do that too? There are so many cute pouches to choose from, which doesn't hurt my little addiction either.

I had way too much fun putting this post together, you guys. I already had lots of pouches pinned and favorited in Etsy, but now I found even more I want! Etsy alone has a huge selection of pouches. A couple of my favorites are Zana, handmade in South Africa, and Pamela Barsky Shop which have hilarious sayings. Another great brand is Truffle, which have multiple sizes with a clear front so you can see what's inside!

Ooh La La, Snakeskin, GoldClear, Clear red, Anchor print, Ta-da!, Important things

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