Saturday, April 13, 2013

Secret Weapon

I have combination/oily skin so that means I have to use a matifying powder of some sort to try and keep shininess  at bay throughout the day. I had been using Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil for a while and I really liked it, but when I ran out  a few months ago I didn't find myself going to repurchase. There had to be an alternative that worked just as well.

 A little while later while I was browsing on Pinterest, I saw a pin that was full of beauty tips using household items. One tip claimed cornstarch keeps you shine free for an entire day. Wait. What?! 

Next time I was in the grocery store I picked up some cornstarch. It was about $3 and I thought what can I lose? If it doesn't work I have a lot of cornstarch on hand, and if it does...well then I have cheap replacement for the Mineral Veil. 

Before you shake your heads with disgust and think cornstarch can't possibly work, hear me out on this one :)

The first day when I dipped my brush in the cornstarch it looked so white I thought, this is going to be a disaster. It looked like I was about to apply a bright white powder to my face and result in a completely pale face. Not something I was exactly going for. I tested a bit on my arm and surprisingly it was completely translucent. There was not any white or paleness visible. I mustered up enough courage and tried a little on my chin. No sign of white. I put a little on my forehead, still  no sign of white. I put a light dusting on my remaining T-zone area and headed out for the day.

Let's just say I was completely surprised and amazed by the results! It kept me shine free and felt so lightweight on my face. It doesn't even feel like I put on powder. And the best part? It's $3 for a huge tub that will last forever! I'll take that any day. 

Do you have any beauty tips you'd like to share? 

Enjoy your weekend friends! XO

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