Monday, April 15, 2013

Searching for that Something

As I search for something to get my creative juices flowing and passions rekindled, (blogging is what's keeping me sane these last few months I think) I finally might have found a place to start. I can only take working at a lackluster job for so long before it really starts to take its toll in every way. 

Designing and creating is like any hobby or sport; you have to practice. The more you do it, the better you'll be, and the more brilliant ideas. I read tons of blogs and articles about successful business women and reaching their dreams. I send e-mails to people that inspire me to connect. They are all super kind and send their support, but you gotta do it yourself. They are igniting the fire, but it's up to me to keep it going. 

Each blog post I read and e-mail I send gets me a little closer to finding what I need. I learn so much about what is out there, what it takes to make things work, gain confidence, and learn the fact that no one has mastered their work and personal life...

Last week on The Everygirl  I came across Megan Gonzalez of MaeMae Paperie, the creative mind behind the most beautiful, and genius wedding invitations and stationary. (Read her story here.) The fact that she relocated from LA to Minneapolis is just cool (my hometown is only a few miles from Minnesota!)

Yes, her designs are perfect, but that's not why I was so struck by her story. A month or so ago I was searching the Internet for a pretty birthday card but couldn't find one I liked. During Christmas time I was looking for name tags to match the ribbon and wrapping paper I picked out and had no luck. Why resort to buying some cheesy card with a boring picture or a generic name tag when I could just make them myself?

I love DIY-ing and saving a few bucks-- the issue isn't wanting to make my own cards, etc. I totally do! The only thing holding me back is I don't have the right tools. (Are the designs created using Illustrator?) Although there is nothing wrong with a card made of paper and some colored pencils, I want to my creations to reflect the images in my head. So tools are mandatory. 

Now I just need to do a little more research, get the tools, and make things happen. I feel better already :)

Keep watching for more DIY posts in the coming months. Right now, after I get home from work I have only a few hours to get stuff done (most projects take more than an hour) so DIY projects have not been happening around here. Hurry and get here summer and free time...

All images via MaeMae Paperie and Blog

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