Thursday, December 5, 2013

Biscuit Love

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Biscuit Bedding

Bedding is one of my absolute favorite parts of home decor. Can we call it that? I've said before if it was practical to switch my duvet, shams, sheets I totally would. There are so many pretty patterns and color combinations and just overall great bedding selection that I just want to try them all, naturally. Just take a look at the beautifully styled beds above. When I first discovered Biscuit months ago I obviously was obsessed. Biscuit is the ultimate bedding line. Colorful, fun patterns and amazing quality all for affordable prices. Bailey, the founder of Biscuit, is a mastermind of mixing prints and using bold colors. One peek inside her home and you'll notice she's got a thing for dark green and printed wallpaper. Both brilliant in my book.

Yesterday Biscuit announced Season 3 bedding is now available for sale online. I simply can't get enough of the clever little patterns that seemingly work perfectly together with Season 1 and 2. Which makes things all the more difficult when choosing bedding. I paired some of my favorites from Biscuit and created my own little bedding wish list. I used the fiery red border duvet, Jenny duvet and sham, Joanna sheet, Katie dot euro sham in green, and Nacogdoches shams. What is your favorite Biscuit bedding?

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