Monday, October 28, 2013

Which Room Do You Like Better?

Which room do you like better? Putting all analytical thinking aside.

arch doorway, calming interior design, sharp lines
Which one did you choose?

The other night I was playing around on the computer and came across an interesting article on Apartment Therapy. I love when I'm not looking for something in particular on the Internet because that's when I seem to find/come up with the coolest ideas. Does this happen to you? Same goes for brainstorming blog post ideas, projects...I can sit for hours trying to come up with ideas, but the instant I stop trying a great idea pops in my head. It's always at random times too like when I'm getting up in the morning.

Anyway, back to the article. It explains in detail how the majority of us are drawn to the second image due to our emotional connection with the curved architecture. Were you? Not because it has a better decor or furniture, but because its curved lines are much more appealing to us. Notice the arched doorway, round edge sofa and coffee table, pillows, and accessories. It's easier on the eyes and more soothing and calming. Now if you were drawn to the first image that doesn't mean you have bad taste, it just means you like the structured, linear look. It's all about finding the balance that appeals to you.

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