Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Wish List 9.3

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Hello again! It's great to be back after some very busy days. I can proudly say I passed my Finance exam I mentioned last week. Big accomplishments around here. The weather hasn't stayed cool long enough to break out my boots and cords just yet, but I'm sure getting excited. I decided fall is my favorite season. As a kid, summer was always my favorite season because, well, August is my birthday month, I was on summer break, and that meant more time spent playing outside with my kittens. Now I love the comfortable weather in fall where I don't break a sweat the minute I walk outside, but it's still warm enough so a parka is not necessary. Plus, I love fall clothes. What's your favorite time of year?

Skirt Have you seen the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection for Target? He designed some really great pieces. The bags and scarfs look so much more expensive than they're priced! My favorite piece is this navy A-line skirt in navy. Navy is a huge color for fall this season. I'd wear it with some cute heeled ankle boots with short socks sticking out. // After Dallas Shaw posted this photo, I pretty much had to have that sweater. Apparently it's not for sale, so I found this similar one, but it's just not the same...and it's expensive. // Print Even if I'm not from the South, it's fun to pretend sometimes. When I was a kid my siblings would tell me I had a Southern accent. I never understood where it came from, but secretly I liked it. So to all my siblings, even though you thought you were teasing me, you weren't! // Wedges Can you believe I've never owned a single pair of Toms? I think it's about time to hop on the bandwagon and get myself a pair. These are absolutely perfect for fall. // Scarf Plaid scarf to throw on with anything.

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