Monday, April 28, 2014

Bedroom Pillow Styling

Did you have a good weekend? Friday was such a hectic day with four flights and a day at the Kohl's headquarters. Our presentation went well and we had the chance to tour the corporate office and meet with some marketing professionals. It was so cool to learn about all of the things that goes on behind the scenes of a major retailer. On Saturday I had so much fun helping my sister pick out wedding dresses. I've never been dress shopping before but I have heard that the bride always goes into it having an idea what she wants, and ends up leaving with something completely different!

What I hoped was a restful weekend, ended up being the opposite and I'm already playing catch up on sleep and work. Aren't we all? It's dead week at school which means it's the week before finals so teachers are supposed to be light on assignments so we can focus on studying. I only have two finals this semester so I'm finishing up final papers. Wahoo!

I came across this styling a bed article on Rue a few weeks back and I kept thinking about it and wanted to share it with you all. I've mentioned many times on here before I'm a sucker for bedding and if I could get new bedding every week, I would. So when it comes to styling a bed, I'm always up for new tips and tricks. Something as simple as your pillow arrangement can make all the difference! Which look is your favorite? I love the stacked pillow look because it's a bit more unique.

Style your bed and send pictures on social media so we can all see each other's favorite style using the hashtag #hhstylechallenge!


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