Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blending His & Hers Home Decor Styles

Hammer & Heels: His and Hers Home Decor Tastes

Hammer & Heels: His and Hers Decor

Hammer & Heels: His and Hers Decor

Hammer & Heels: His and Hers Decor Styles

Hammer & Heels: His and Hers Decor Styles

Hammer & Heels: His and Hers Decor Styles

Hammer & Heels: His and Hers Decor Tastes

One peek at my blog or Instagram and you notice my love for color, especially pink. Growing up my favorite color was always purple, but these days I'm constantly drawn to hot pink, whether it's a bag or a tray. In my own apartment I don't have any problem plastering my place in shades of pink, but since I will soon be sharing my home with my boyfriend in his house, I want a place that reflects both of us and that means taking the girly notch down a bit. It's kind of nice to have someone keep me in check from buying anything pink in sight. All of my current pink items will find their way into our place (spray paint is my best friend), but when it comes to new purchases, I am thinking about how they will fit both of our styles. My style leans toward mid-century modern with a touch of glam. His style is a little more traditional rustic.

His and hers decor can be tricky, but the it's all about finding balance. When you are decorating with two different styles, you want to incorporate different elements from each into your home. A good blend makes for a well-decorated space, instead of a mismatched mess with no clear direction. For me, I'm choosing to stick with more traditional textiles and colors, and simple and modern furniture lines. If you have your own separate office (or any other room) in the house, go ahead and lean towards your preferred aesthetic, just keep one or two elements that it tie it back to the rest of the home.

Take a look at this amazing home transformation combining his shabby chic style and her mid-century modern by Sabrina Soto. Sabrina, interior designer and host of HGTV's The High/Low Project, is one of my favorite designers. We share the same budget decorating mentality, so that pretty much makes us BFFs. The entire look is completely different but she only brought in a few different pieces! The before and after photos are seriously amazing!

Do you and your significant other have opposite tastes? How do you blend both?

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  1. I love and appreciate this post because my boyfriend and I just moved in to our first apartment together and decorating and making it a home has definitely been a challenge. Balance and compromising is definitely key, before we started decorating we made rules for each other which helped out a lot. Also, it's nice to find something that maybe both of you like to use as your theme for you space. My boyfriend and I settled on the city of Chicago as a theme for our living room. It's still a work in progress but its slowly coming together. Good luck!
    Dana Kay

    1. So glad to hear it resonated with you and that you and your boyfriend are making progress! It definitely can be hard at first, but it just takes time to compromise and see it all come together! Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. gorgeous decor! great tips, thanks for sharing!


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