Friday, February 14, 2014

What's in my Old Navy Shopping Cart

Happy Valentine's Day (and Friday)! Whew. Between classes, homework, blogging, work, interviews, and lots of time working on my portfolio, I feel like I was going 100 mph and staying up late just to get everything finished in time come the weekend. Since my boyfriend is working this weekend (he works 24 hours straight), we won't be celebrating Valentine's Day tonight, but I am hoping to relax a little at least. Do you have any fun plans?

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I've been in no-spend mode lately, but my wardrobe is starting to suffer a little. I honestly haven't purchased a piece of clothing since December! Impressive, I know. With spring right around the corner (only a month until spring break!!), it's time to add a few pieces to my dwindling wardrobe. I'll be starting a big girl job in a few months and need some new duds, so I'm looking for "office-friendly" items that can be dressed up or down. Old Navy's newsletter conveniently popped in my inbox this morning and I was sold the moment I read, 30% off everything. I was never really much of an Old Navy shopper until the past 6 months or so. I kept seeing A Piece of Toast wearing their stuff and raving about the Rockstar jeans, so I needed to give them a try. A while back I purchased the Rockstars in camo and I loved them! The fit is fantastic, they are so comfortable, and they don't stretch out bad. AG jeans were my go-tos, but I have to say, the Rockstar skinnies are my new faves. You seriously can't beat the price at $30. I'm stocking up on Rockstar skinnies, especially since my current AG skinnies seem to be stretching out (or my workout is working?).

After browsing Old Navy's entire site, here's what is in my shopping cart. For some reason Old Navy doesn't let me create a board with all the different images, so you'll have to click the links to see. Go ahead, treat yo'self!

Come back on Monday for a fantastic giveaway!

Heels / Navy Coated Skinnies / Tuxedo Stripe Skinnies ($10!!) / Boots / Zebra Sweater / Workout Capris / Stripe Chiffon Button Down / Chambray Shirt / Woven Sweater



  1. Just stumbled on your blog! Great stuff! I am an ISU Grad, live in Des Moines, and I a new blogger ( I also love Old Navy. I stalk constantly. There talls section in particular (Im 6'2) ... but yeah, you can get great stuff from there if you sort out through some of the "not so great" stuff.

    1. So glad you stumbled across H&H! I love when fellow Iowans reach out :) Just checked out your blog and you a very talented graphic designer and your blog tagline is adorable.


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