Friday, February 28, 2014

Best Blazers Under $100

best blazers under 100 dollars

I think I'm officially declaring Fridays as Fashion Fridays. Every Friday on the blog here we'll talk anything fashion related to mix up the blog a bit and gush about the latest and greatest trends, because who doesn't love talking fashion? I love fashion and am really trying to make a point lately to define my personal style better and stick with what works. When it comes to interiors I love bright colors, patterns, pink (that one is slowly fading) and a touch of glam. My wardrobe, however, is a different story. You'll find lots of darker colors, grey, faux leather jackets, and some spikes even. My personal style definitely leans toward the edgy side, but I also have a few happier pieces as well. In other words, my style is ALL over the place, which I don't like. Usually people can perfectly describe their style, so I am making it a goal of mine to "define" my best style and intentionally purchase clothing that reflects that. It's a little challenging because I am not sure exactly how to define my personal style. I know what I like when I go shopping, but I want to be better about not just purchasing random pieces but rather picking out items that work together and reflect the style that I want to portray. Does that make sense? I'm starting out by picking bloggers whose style I like as inspiration when shopping. I know I mentioned on here before I love Sally and Molly's classic and timeless style of A Piece of Toast, and I also love the brighter, more feminine style of Rach of Pink Peonies. If you have any advice on defining your style I'd love to hear it!

It all started when I was listening to the The Lively Show with Jess Lively and Liz Schneider. They were talking fashion and Liz was discussing her classic, preppy style and I was trying to decide what my style was. That's when I realized I didn't really have one. Liz also mentioned dressing for her body type and eliminating the "paper bag" shirt which I am now consciously thinking about every morning as I get dressed. I recommend listening to the podcast if you haven't already! I'm hoping this helps rid the "I don't have anything to wear" moments and eliminates the sad, neglected clothing hanging in my closet.

One thing I love that is currently working in my wardrobe are blazers. I'll (hopefully) be starting a job after graduation in just a couple months and blazers will definitely be worn on repeat. They are flattering on and reflect the classic yet feminine style I want. Here are a few of my favorite blazers under $100!

Happy Friday!


  1. I need all the blazers. All the blazers!

    1. Good thing they are affordable ;) I'm still deciding between the polka dot and elbow patch sleeve!

  2. love all of these blazers, great picks!

    xo brie

    1. Thank you! I love the fun alternative to traditional, black blazers.


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