Monday, January 27, 2014

Recreate Lindsey Coral Harper's NYC Apartment

A Hammer & Heels: Lindsey Coral Harper

The other day I was browsing the House Beautiful website because 1. it's loaded with inspiration photos and 2. Bailey said the latest issue was sooo good. Boy, was she right. I mean, take a look at the photos above. Just wow. Interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper's NYC apartment was featured in House Beautiful and Elle Decor recently and she pretty much knocked my socks off with her beautifully curated pieces and bright colors mixed with lots of patterns. A home like this takes patience and time to gather the amount of unique, statement pieces she has sitting atop her dresser, let alone the rest of the house. I love a home that is perfectly layered with meaningful tidbits that tell a story. A story besides, "I picked this up at CB2 last week because I needed something to fill my shelf." Don't get me wrong, I love CB2 (and am definitely guilty of the prior statement), but a home filled with items that I can't automatically identify where they are from is special. I loved Lindsey's living room so much that I recreated it with affordable pieces so you can get the look yourself! But the beautiful accessories, that is up to you :)

Velvet Sofa | Lamps | Pillows | Zebra Rug | Coffee Table | Trunk | Side Table | Topiary | Ceramic Zebra


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