Thursday, January 16, 2014

Living Room Inspiration

I have been wanting to redecorate my parent's farmhouse (where I grew up) for a while now. As a kid, my sister and I helped repaint the kitchen, select new curtains for the dining room, and decor for the living room. We didn't do anything major, though we have always wanted to. Our living room is a big room. It has nice bay windows, French doors and an open floor plan. There are endless possibilities but right now, it's not really making use of such a great space. Now with a little niece (and granddaughter) soon to be crawling/walking/running around, it's the perfect time to update the place and make it a little more kid-friendly. With much convincing, my mom finally decided to let my sister and I takeover and redecorate the house.

My sister and I talked it over and we decided to go with an airy, bright, and traditional country style. My mom has a lot of antique furniture with wood finishes she wants to use, so luckily we won't need to source much furniture. We have some really great pieces to work with, so we are getting creative and doing a lot of rearranging.

The major issue we need to tackle in the living room is seating. The current couch and love seat are worn, not very comfortable, and not all that appealing. We have a large and growing family so we need all the seating we can get. In such a big room, a sectional works perfectly and divides up the space. Since we already have a couple recliners, TV stand, and a buffet, all we need is a sofa table, coffee table, an end table and accessories.

Audrey put together a floor plan that visually shows the arrangement of the room. We even have a piano in our dining room that will work great in the new living room. The second half of the living room will be a kid play area with a mini table and chairs, a bookshelf, and toy storage. More on that later!

I started putting together an inspiration board and this is what I came up with so far. We really want to keep things neutral and traditional, bringing in pops of color with fun accessories. What do you think?

My sister and I are not actually at my parent's house during this whole process, so we are doing a lot of online shopping and link sharing! Next, we have to create a to-do list before we can start bringing in the new furniture and accessories. Hope you are ready to get to work, Mom :)

We are also tackling the dining room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and bedrooms! Stay tuned for more inspiration photos, style boards, and "after" photos!

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