Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List 4.1

Creating these Wednesday's Wish List posts are one of my favorite types of post to write because it means browsing the web and of course results in finding adorable things. Throughout the week as I'm reading other blogs, looking on Pinterest, and shopping online, I am always spotting new items, brands, and websites I want to remember. I used to think to myself, I won't forget this website, but then a couple weeks later when I'm searching for the website that sold the cute gold bracelet I wanted I can't ever find it back! 

Now that I create a weekly wish list with my favorite items, I had to create a system that organizes and stores all of those cool websites I want to find back in the future (like last night when I was rounding up my picks.) Every website that I want to save I put in Pocket. It lets me add tags so I can mark if it's home decor, jewelry, clothing, etc. and has been really helpful! 

How do you keep your fun websites and favorite things organized so you can find them back later?


If you should know one thing about me, it is that I love miniature sized anything. Don't you think a smaller version of something is just too cute? These clock memo clips are no exception.
Enough Hours In The Day Memo Clips

These pillows don't exactly match my decor, but I am definitely going to make them work.
Joanna Standard Sham

I am a firm believer that shoes can make or break an outfit. These are the kind of shoes that can make an outfit.
Zara Lace-Up

Pretty candles that smell good make me instantly happy.
August Puriste Candle

Is it possible to have like 10 favorite colors? Because I think this red might be my tenth one. It's a nice contrast to the pastels I've been wearing and loving lately. 
Zara T-Shirt

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